"It's a typical Tuesday night..."

While doing homework, watching TV, reading blogs (gotta love the multi-tasking!).....I consumed the following:
Light Sodium Campbell's Tomato Soup at Hand (so warm and filling!)

A Mini Bag Of Traditional Kashi Crackers (always delicious!)
And, my hand dunked into this bag too many times to count. It began as fuel for my upcoming workout and turned into a lesson on why I never eat something (especially my beloved cereal!) straight from the box! haha
[[[As you can see, my Life Cereal is almost gone....sad!]]]
The workout was cut a little short, but with a perfect excuse. I started chatting with my cousin, whom I haven't talked to in forever and time got away from me; but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Love her!! I ended up doing 20 minutes on the elliptical to break a sweat. However, the whole time I was only thinking about..........the KEVA I was going to get afterwards. haha Do you have a Keva Juice around you? If so, you must go and get the Kevaccino. If it is not on the menu (they took it off of the menu at ours), just ask and they will know exactly what you are talking about! It is so freaking delicious that I find myself craving them constantly. They use nonfat frozen yogurt, skim milk, a little chocolate syrup and add in a free "energizer" ( I usually opt for Vitagizer...100% of many Vitamins and Minerals.....but sometimes I fight off sickness with the "Immunigizer"). CHECK IT OUT!

[[[Look at that Creamy goodness............]]]

Fact of the Day:
Dehydrated Foods must contain a trace amount of water to coat the internal and external cell surfaces and to act as a barrier between atmospheric Oxygen and food constituents that are easily oxidized. On that note, food companies must have extreme quality control because as little as 1-2% excess water in foods can cause mold, rubbery bread crust, soggy chips and caking of sugar/salt!
Ok...Im outie!!


  1. KEVA!!!
    Deliciousness :)

  2. Is that the brown sugar life?! Because if it is, I honestly finish that box by myself in like...3 days!!! It's DELICIOUSSSS!

  3. Yea, Im munching on somee right now..oops! haha So yummy!

  4. thanks for the comment girl! Love the blog :)

  5. Hi! Was the bag of kashi crackers a sample or did you buy them?

  6. I bought them. I found a box of single serve Kashi cracker packages at Walmart about two weeks ago (this is my second box)! They are so great. It is a variety pack, so you get 2 packs of the original, 2 packs of the Roasted Vegetable and 2 packs of the Cheddar crackers!

  7. Haha as a little girl, I used to eat Life cereal ALL THE TIME straight from the box. Well, that and apple cinnamon cheerios.

  8. That's an interesting fact. I never knew that.

    is that Chemistry I see in the background?


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