What day is it?!

I just noticed I have started the past three or so entries with "Hey Guys"! No longer....(hahha)....It's time to add some variety to the blog world! And to my real world! Sophia helped me realize that I am in a food rut (Thanks to the thought-provoking ?? on her post!). Anyways, I am going to try buying different fruits (other than the utterly portable apples and nanners) and try new things at the dining hall! Should be fun!

Anyways, this morning I ate some yogurt and a (*gasp*) banana! That pink mug you see contains the most delicious tea ever.....Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie SleighRide Tea (I had another cup later in the day!)!! :D

In Food Science, we had a sub today, so we got out like 45 minutes early. Therefore, Kristen and I headed to the library to study for art! By the way, I feel pretty confident about the ART test! Thanks for the supppport!

We broke for lunch with Alexa and I got a salad...it tasted realllly yummy today! It consisted of romaine, spinach, a few noodles, sunflower seeds, carrots, tomatos, broccoli and a small drizzle of light ranch!

After our test, Kristen and I worked on our Chem Lab (and finished it!) and did some online Chem homework (not even close to finished.....ugh!). To fuel my studies I ate a juicy...(*gasp*) apple and about 2/3c or so Kashi Heart to Heart (yep, my school serves it..how cool is that!?) !

I headed back to my dorm around 4:30 (LONG day!) and ate a Kashi Blackberry Graham Bar! Yum-o! (Sorry Rachael Ray is on my roomie's TV at the moment!).

I am about to do some more online homework and begin studying for my big FDSC test that is on Tuesday! (It never ends!)

At 7:30ish Alexa and I are heading to One Guy's for some more pizza! Delish! Then it's church and back home to hit the sack! (Edited to add: It was just as yummmy and veggie loaded as always....AND the guy behind the counter officially knows us and our order by heart! :D)

This weekend I will be a busy busy bee! Friday after school Alexa and I are going to hit up the tennis courts and go see the movie "The Changeling", which our school is showing in the Student Union around 8pm! Should be fun.

Saturday morning I have to get up and be at the AFS (Animal and Food Science) building by 9am to make CHEESE with my FDSC club. We sell it at a shop on campus to raise money. Then I need to do laundry before the boy's basketball game at 5pm! A friend of Alexa and I is coming down this weekend as well to watch her team play ours in Bball (and see her crazy friends!) haha.

Sunday is church, Jason's Deli (HELLO Ice Cream!), and shopping for a b-day present for Kristen! Then study study study for FDSC!

I hope I made up for the lame-o posts!

Fact of the Day: Clarence Birdseye is the Father of the Frozen Food Industry. (Much progress was made in the Frozen Food Industry between 1920-1945!)


  1. sounds like you have an awesome weekend coming up!
    enjoy yourself & cheese making :)

  2. hahahhaha I always feel like I start my posts the same way too. I def get stuck in food ruts on a regular basis, but I love it! Right now I'm in an apple an nut butter rut ;)

  3. I minored in food science and loved every minute of it. I look forward to reading your blog!


  4. Oh - I'm always in a food rut! I just crave the same things over and over! So many things coming up this weekend, have fun!!

    What kind of chem are you in?

  5. Way to keep a healthy diet despite the many temptations college life brings. Thanks for mentioning our Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. We are thrilled to hear you like it so much! It was actually featured on the Today Show during the holidays.

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  6. I wish we had Kashi cereal in our dining hall! It's so good!

  7. sugar cookie sleigh ride!!!! ugh, i am down to only 3 more teabags, so sad. i wish it werent a holiday flavor. i should have planned ahead and gotten like 8 boxes bak in jan! anyways, i totally agree about hummus and veggies - they are quite the dynamic duo. have a great weekend.

  8. Mmmm your snacks look so yummy! I love those fruity kashi bars - have you tried the apple flavor? I've only had straw and rasp. Hope you have a great weekend!!! Thanks for all of your support, girl.

  9. So cool that your school serves Kashi! I was lucky to get Cheerios! Prepare yourself for a heavy film when you watch The Changeling. It was good but had some disturbing scenes that I wasn't expecting.
    Thanks for the running tip--I'll check the sale racks at Target!


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