Homemade Treats Can't be Beat!

I totally just found a site where I can watch full episodes of Eleventh Hour (*Shrieks of Excitement*). I used to watch this show every Thursday night; but then we started going to Church on Thursday nights...which is awesome, but I did miss it! If you love science (like me), then you will love Eleventh Hour. It's basically your mystery/detective show with tons of suspense and a little drama/romance thrown in for good measure. However, it goes a little more in depth with the science of it all. I highly recommend it.....to everyone!
On to the eats:
I took a pic of all of my snackies together because today was go-go-go from 8AM-2PM, so there was not much extra time. I brought along (and consumed...throughout the day): another juicy Apple, Clif Blueberry ZBar (Yum!), banana and a little pack of almond/walnut mixture.
After BIOL, Kristen and I headed over to Walgreens to pick up some bears for the Teddy Bear Drive our Club is hosting at the meeting tommorrow. Check out that cutie!
I then stopped by my room to grab a quick snack/lunch type thing: String Cheese, Yogurtand Kashi Cheddar Crackers (over the course of about 2 hours)...There is a girl's basketball game that Alexa and I are planning on going to tonight, which should be a nice little break from school work. I am going to grab a big salad beforehand!

After the game I plan to come home and enjoy every crumb of the amazing little gem pictured below. And as always, there is a story behind every picture. haha See, my Chemistry professor throws out homemade brownies to our class of 200+ students when someone asks a question, to stimulate learning and encourage questions. I never really ask questions, so I have yet to get a brownie. However, today he stopped mid-class and talked about the test we took last week. The average was 56%(which is horrible!), so he threw out brownies to those individuals that made A's to reward them. Well, all of my countless hours of studying payed off and I eventually had a brownie flying straight towards my head! After opening it up (turns out they were actually blondies!) and taking one bite, I realized how much I miss homebaked goods. I can only imagine what in the world is in this blondie (i.e. not very healthy), but still worth a once in a while treat. I miss being able to bake and sit down to a fresh-from-the-oven baked good (knowing full and well that the treat doesn't have to be a once in a while thing because it is full of good-for-you ingredients!). Man do I miss baking (and eating the baked goods of course!) :( Unfortunately, my rockin' mom who sends me more packages than I could ever ask for, is not really into baking. However, when I go home for spring break, I plan on tearing that kitchen apart! ;)

Ok enough of that rant.....onto the Fact of the Day, which is actually an excerpt from my Food Science book that I think many of you will find interesting if you have the time to read it.

Fact of the Day:

"The total potential energy of foods and food components is determined by burning the food in a steel bomb calorimeter under elevated oxygen pressurre. The bomb, and water that it is immersed in, rise in temperature to an extent that is directly related to the gross energy content of the food. This is termed "calorimetry." The total potential energy of a food as determined by calorimetry may not be equal to the energy that can be derived from it by an animal or human. If a food or food constiuent is not totally digestible, or if the food is not completely oxidized within the body, then its caloric value in metabolism will be less than its theoretical total energy content."Courtesy of Food Science, Fifth Edition, By Norman N. Potter and Joseph H. Hotchkiss, Copyright 1995, 1998 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

I thought some of you might enjoy sneaking a peek into the science behind those nutrition labels on food. (or some of you may already know all about calorimetry!).
Have a stellar, rockin', cheerful, awesome......Thursday (The weekend is fast approaching!).


Im back in my room doing some homework and enjoying this delicious orange. (Not as cool as CleanVeggie's Blood Orange, but I try!) AND I just opened a Chocolate Chunk Chex Mix bar (munchies!)

[[[Check out the size....that's a 4cup coffee maker!]]]

OHHH And my mom's Valentine's package came! :D I love packages. Some of those little things are for my friends too. My mom made that card and all of the little packaging (she's so crafty!).


  1. I love baked goods! I can't imagine when I get to college and have to do without them. That's so cool that your prof gives out brownies (in my opinion at least)

  2. Congrats on your test grade! And that blondie looks delish! Have a good day!
    <3 PBPassion

  3. so that cookie looks amazing :D
    i love those kashi crackers too - healthifed cheese-its :)

  4. Cute bear!!!

    And that brownie/blondie/chocolate chip cookie bar (as my mom calls them!) looks YUMMY!!!


  5. What a fun valentines day package! Love that your prof throws out brownies- how fun is that? Congrats on the A

  6. That sounds like a good show! Yummmmm to the brownie :D

    Have a great Thursday!

  7. I love baked goods! I just promised my host family I'd bake some real American treats soon. SO excited :). Enjoy that yummy blondie!

  8. That fact of the day is so interesting! I had no flippin idea!


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