Thank you for all of the kind words! How has everyone's day been? Mine's been go, go, go! I slept in a bit this morning (Saturdays are my only chance) and woke up around 9:45. I then did a bit of homework and ate a Clif Z Bar and Activia Light:Afterwards, I finally got around to getting out of my PJ's and........did some more homework (exciting, no?). Oh yea, I also had a PBJ (made with creamy MaraNatha's Organic Peanut Butter) for a quick lunch at some point.
Around two, my friend and I took a break and headed over to Sam's Place (food place on campus) to get a smoothie! YUM! I got the Double Fudge Mocha Smoothie (helllloo!) which is simply skim milk, 2 scoops of magic powder and ice. We then decided to enjoy the fresh air and take a walk around campus. It was a much needed, fun and tasty break!

[[Check out the poor dead grass. It just cant handle the crazy cold weather that we have most days]]

However, when I got back home I had to do laundry (boo!). BUT I made it fun by bringing my Food Science Book down with me (FDSC is the one class I actually enjoy reading for!). I munched on some carrots too. I am SUCH a mutli-tasker, it is not even funny! By the way, My FDSC class is turning out to be quite interesting and I think I am going to start adding a "Fact of the Day" to all of my posts! I think some of you guys might really enjoy it and this is a food blog after all! Let me know your thoughts!
I had plans to meet my friend for dinner at 6, but my stomach was not going to wait that long so I finished off my Honey Kix cereal around 5 (about 1/2 cup?!). Have you tried this new stuff? I used to be "Anti-Kix" because I thought it disgraced the name of cereal by being so bland and .....you know. However, I figured that by adding a little sugar, GM might be on to something. And I figured right! A serving is one and 1/4 cup, so it really satisfies them munchies that set on when I am studying. It will not satisfy people who are die hard sugary cereal fans. Then again, I tend to think of myself as a ceral connoisseur and I reallllly like this stuff. Maybe you should check it out!?
Dinner was worth the wait because I got one of my favorite items....Veggie Pizza! :D Ironically, I had a veggie pizza in my last post (about a month ago); and while I have certainly had some more since then, it still been a while! Good to the last crumb:

After dinner, we marched across campus to watch an intense game of Basketball, which we won!!!!! (It is always more fun that way! lol). Jumping around and cheering really worked up an appetite, so I headed back to Sam's Place with Almond M&M's on my mind....only to find that they were sold out! (Sad!). Disappointed, I headed back to my room and settled for some Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds I have hiding in my snack drawer. Actually, settled is not really the right word because these chocolate-y babies may not have the crunchy coating of milk chocolate that M&M's provide, but they are still DELISH!
Lastly, I polished off this juicy gala apple....

Enjoy your night! Tommorrow is church, followed by errands and one of my favorite casual restaurants of all time.....and it's not really because of their food, but because of something else........I think I will keep you in suspense?! Here is a hint...The part that keeps me coming back time after time is a lucious, creamy creation and I CANT stop at just one! ;) Happy Dreams!

Fact of the Day:

As many of you know, some of the daily supply of milk produced on farms spoils before it can get to packaging and the consumers. However, this milk does not go to waste. The casein (milk protein) can be used as a glue component and the lactose (milk sugar) is sold to pharmaceutical companies, so they can add it to pills and make them less bitter (check the ingredient list on some of your pill bottles!)

p.s. I just pulled a Motts Blueberry Delight Healthy Harvest Aplpesauce out of the fridge....and a 100 calorie pack of popcorn just went into the microwave! I actually am still kind of hungry, so it's legit! haha


  1. Those cocoa almonds are great! Love the fact of the day keep em coming.

  2. PB&J = the best.


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