Put a lil' bounce in the ounce!

Hey guys! How was your Monday?! Mine was hectic; but thanks to all of your well wishes and good lucks (And tons of studying), I think I did well on my BIO test, so that's good!
Breakfast was eaten on the road. A Kashi Soft-Baked Bar and a Banana! Those bars are phenomenal!
Lunch was a pretty tasty way to break up the day. While I studied my Chemistry Lab Manual, I had a PB&J (on new & super soft honey wheat bread!), an Apple and some Propel Fitness water. I also had about 1.5 cups of coffee throughout the morning!
After Lab, I ran home and ate a yummy yogurt and got organized a little bit. About an hour later, I met up with Alexa for dinner and we planned out our week! I got a salad with romaine, spinach, an egg, a few noodles, broccoli, green pepper, carrot shreds......I think that's it?!After dinner, Alexa and I decided to be spontaneous and hit up the tennis courts! It was alot of fun, but you can tell we have not played in a LONG time! Practice will make perfect (or hopefully, at least close! hah) I ate a Caramel Kiss before our hour of not-so-perfect tennis! haha We will get better!!!! (If only that net was a littttle shorter.....)
After our workout, I came home to a big bowl of Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (I took the pic after scarfing down about half of the bowl! lol I was hungry!). I used lactose free milk because they were out of the usual kind that I buy..........surprisingly, it didnt taste any different to me!

I am currently popping open my last Chocolate Chunk Chex Bar.........yea, it's sad! ;)I think I am going to browse around the blog world a little bit, get my mom's packaged taped up and ready to mail tommorrow & do a little homework! Enjoy your night!
Fact of the Day:
The process of Hydrogenation:
(Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Oils + Hydrogen + a catalyst in the form of Nickle to get the reaction going) undergoes high heat and high pressure and moves towards a saturated fatty acid. Saturated Fatty Acids have all of the possible hydrogen bonds on it's Carbons, while unsaturated Fatty Acids have some double bonds between Carbons. Hydrogenated Oils are used to make things like margarine (a solid, but still spreadable). Hydrogenated oils make up the infamous Trans Fats, which are harmful to your health because they increase your bad cholesterol (like saturated fats) AND decrease your good cholesterol levels!
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Edited to add:
A small handfull of Stacy's Pita Chips! Stacy knows her chips!!! ;)


  1. i love your eats so much.
    kashi bars = love.
    and your carmel kiss is making me hungry. haha

    the dark choc. coconut kashi bar was AWESOME.

  2. oh my gosh that caramel kiss looks ridiculous in that pic!

    i love tennis too, your post reminded me to pick up my racket again!

  3. Glad the Bio test went well!

  4. Mmm cereal, I love simple meals like that!

  5. I love when bread is new and soft! Unfortunately I wasn't eating mine fast enough so it's in the fridge, i.e. hard and cold.

    Glad your bio test went well!

  6. Love your tasty eats! And thanks for the headsup about the giveaway!

  7. Hi there! Your blog is SO cute!!! I love Kashi bars tooooo and I was absolutely DELIGHTED to find your review a couple posts ago on the Amy's butternut squash soup. I was SO SO SO close to buying it at WF today but I didn't and regretted it, until i read your post! ThANKS a bunch!! Can't wait to read more!!

  8. (Lactose free milk is just regular milk with an added enzyme!!! So it tastes the same!!)

  9. That caramel kiss is pure food porn! Hooray for doing well on your Bio test - I'm sure you aced it! :)

  10. great eats hun,
    and that caramel kiss looks sooo good :) i want one!!
    i love tennis...so fun!
    glad the test went well!
    have a nice night

  11. Hey girl!
    I got yet another blog... haha I doubt I will keep it up, but whatever!
    I'd rather be commenting on your cute blog anyways!

    You've got some YUMMY eats, once again! :)


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