Im a BAR girl!..... edited!

No I am not talking alcoholic, I am talking food bars!
[[[That is what was in my little valentines box from my mom! :D ]]]
How has everyone's Thursday been? Mine has been pretty great.....the weather could not be more perfect (and when you have to walk to and fro to get everywhere on campus, weather can make or break your day sometimes!).

I started off the morning with a banana and Blueberry Clif Zbar on my trek over to Food Science. (Note the gloves, which I ended up not needing...thankfully!)

Afterwards, I met up with some friends for lunch. I decided to get the soup of the day: Chicken Noodle, along with a nummy fruit cup. I also had some iced tea to drink (my Free Refill was a Diet Coke though!).
As much as I love soup, it does not generally hold me over for too long (unless I make it myself and add tons of extra veggies)...especially the small size (which is the only size) that I was served. Therefore, about an hour later, I picked up a Clif Nectar Bar. These are similar to Larabars; but they have larger chunks of nuts dispersed throughout, which I enjoy!
I spent a bit of time at the library and then headed home, where I enjoyed a creamy, cold yogurt! Also, I am currently munching on a Chocolate Chunk Chex Mix Bar (these things rock!...and ya, that's a recycled pic! oops)
I have alot to get done this weekend:
1) Find my friend a birthday gift
2) Make a collage for my art class (I have no clue what to do, but I am cutting out pics from magazines and gathering ideas. OF COURSE it will somehow be related to food!...I'll keep you updated......if you have any ideas, send them my way!)
3) Write some food reviews
4) STUDY (In addition to the everyday homework, I have two big tests this upcoming week!)
5) Misc.....haha
Tonight Alexa and I are going to a church event (after the meeting with the Teddy Bear Drive!). Beforehand, we are going to this local pizza shop called One Guy's. They make such great pizza, with fresh toppings and it is not covered in grease. If it's done right....I am such a pizza girl! Pics will be inserted later tonight....no worries!
Fact of the Day: Liquid Nitrogen is used to quick freeze some foods as opposed to regular freezing because it causes less damage. Why? When you quick freeze with liquid Nitrogen, tiny ice crystals form. However, when you freeze something regularly in the freezer, larger ice crystals form and puncture the cell walls of cells. This is why, if you were to put a tomato in your freezer and take it out to thaw, it would not look pretty. The cells composing the tomato have been punctured and the wrinkly, limp appearance is the result. On the other hand, spray that tomato with some liquid Nitrogen and you are good to go!
One more thing, which is kind of fun.....I got an email in my inbox for a $1.00 off coupon for "Skinny Cow" Ice cream treats. Now, as much as I love ice cream, the baby freezer that is connected to my minifridge is not strong enough to keep frozen novelties frozen (haha!). Therefore, if you are interested in having this coupon, just leave a comment below (with you email address inserted in the form where you fill out your name) and I will send it off to you!
Also, I am in the process of contemplating a Blog Giveaway, to attract more readers and show appreciation for the ones I already have. Nothing is final, but this little coupon thing just reminded me of that!
Ta Ta For Now!! :D

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Edited to add:
Pre-dinner time:
[[Can you guess what that is?! hhaha]]
A little less than half of a PBJ half (so one quarter) [that's a wierd angle!]
That would be a rollo (X2)......with a heart sticker cuz that's how my mom rolls! ;)

Here's Alexa's Pizza (She wanted to be featured! Hey girl!)

Dessert: The other half of my PB&J half.....i'll let you think about that one for a second....[no pic]


  1. OMG totally LOVE chex mix bars! I think they have fiber too and pretty low in cals, which is a plus!

  2. I'm a bar girl too ;) I lived on them during my trip to DC! We had like no time to eat between meetings and airport food? No thanks! So bars it was! What a sweet gifty from your mom! Enjoy your night (and the pizza!)

  3. One time I walked ALL over campus in a rain/wind storm (my school happened to be on a hill as well) so by the time I got in class my friends literally just stared at me haha!

    Re: Liquid nitrogen - my Physics professor froze a banana and nailed a nail into a piece of wood with the frozen naner. It was pretty sweet :)

    Good luck studying!!

  4. welcome to the life of a bar girl :)
    i have at least two a day!


    i'm erin

  6. pretty necklace!!!!

    I am also def. a pizza girl!!!!!!! Enjoy :)

  7. aww that necklace is so cute, how nice of your mom. My mom is usually my valentine. haha.

    hope your having a good weekend!

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog! love the necklace and the z-bar. that pizza looks delish too! =)

    have a great weekend!!!

  9. I never even thought to email the company about the sandwich thins! Maybe I will do that..

    Love pizza!

  10. Hey thanks for the comment, now I can read your blog too.
    Great eats! I especially love the pizza, but I'm a total pizza girl!

  11. thanks for the comment on my pup! I hope you have a productive but relaxing weekend!

  12. OOoh I have NOT tried the bars yet, but I loove the chocolate chex mix. May have to pick those up.

    I love these facts of the day. I'm tempted to just drop one randomly into conversation later and see what reactions I get.

  13. WOO Thanks for the shoutout girl :)

    That pizza was delicious!!!
    And PB&Js are always yummy! It's a given.


  14. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I'm having fun looking through all your photos. I heard they are discontinuing those Cliff Nectar bars! I haven't even had a chance to try them yet!


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