Hey guys! How is you day going? Are you feeling the love all around you? lol
Let me start off with breakfast. (Let's keep in mind that at this point I had literally no food). Therefore, I had a Clif ZBar and Apple. (as I studied for BIO.....it'll be the death of me! haha Our test is monday, so I only have about 2 more days of BIO torture!)

Then things got more interesting. I left my dorm to go browse around target and picked up a few little things (you'll be seeing them throughout the week!). Then, I headed to a yummy health food store around here called Well Body. I picked up some dinner for tonight and a serving of warm deluxe nachos to go! (Chips, cheese, onions, tomatoes, black beans, pinto beans and guacamole on the side). I ate all of the nutrient packed and flavorful guac, but none of the sour cream! It was DELISH!
{{{{Check out the nummmmmy bite!}}}}

Time for more homework, laundry.......yea it's quite an eventful Valentine's! lol Actually, I am currently watching Along Came Polly, which is always cute!

SNACK TIME ( I always do this with new treats from the grocery store! I can't wait to try it all!).

One pkg of Leclerc Praeventia Orange Zest Cookies, which were not very good, but the Dark Chocolate ones will rock your world!

I also tried these new (to me) Stacy's Naturally Cheddar Pita Chips, which tasted nothing like Pita Chips and Everything like cheeze-its (not necessarily a good thing sometimes!). Hey guys! I have had major chocolate cravings today! :D

I had a teeny bite of each of the three chocolates I have left.

Then I tried to quiet my sweet tooth with an apple sauce. (Isn't that a cool picture of corn?! It's colored! haha!
And when that didnt work, I heated up some water in my coffee maker and made some FF Hot Cocoa with added Calicum (a plus!). I am currently sipping on it and it's quite satisfying! Here's what I plan on trying for dinner. I have never had it before, but the Nutritional Stats are Rockin'!!
Now I need to stop procrastinating and STUDY! Oh yea, Do you guys like the big pics or little pics?! Which makes it easier/better to read?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day.

    I am going back to school next year to study nutrition and dietetics- look forward to reading more about you! :)

  2. YUM! i want those nachos, pronto! =)

    happy valentine's day! enjoy it!

  3. I like the big pics!

    And send some of those nachos over here pronto!

  4. Ughhh Bio! It'll be the death of me too :(

    I like the size of the first couple of pictures :)

    Oh Stacy's simply nakeds - 100% yummm!! Hope you have a great weekend!!


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