I Won Something!?!

What a beautiful day outside! I dont know where the weather man got the idea that it was going to be cold and rainy? Windy?...YA but what else is new! lol Anyways, I was up at 6:40 this morning so I could be on my way to my POLS test by 7:45. I ate a banana as I was hopping on the elevator in my dorm...
However, if you are going to get me up at 6:40 (after going to bed around midnight), I must make a trip to the Student Union (SUB) for some coffee....just a small 8oz (plus I got a free refill after my first class!). I use about 2 splendas and that's it.
After Chemistry, I headed to Biology and munched on an apple along the way. Yep, Im the girl chowin' down on an apple as she walks across campus (Sorry but there is no time to stop and eat sometimes! lol)
[[Check out that juice dripping down....it was a goooood one!]]
After BIO I had to run to the library to print something out, check email, etc. I ate this while I browsed on the computer: (A smashed PB&J on Whole Wheat bread!)
Anyways, I love getting email, but today was an extra special day because I won a contest (I never win anything!). Thanks to PetitFoodie, I will be winning two bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce!! How fun. I am sending them home to my mom seeing as I do not have a kitchen. She is excited! :)
Next up was Chem Lab and Chem Discussion. After Chem Lab, my friend Kristen and I went to the library to work on the post lab and pre lab for next week. My tummy was grumbling (Around 4) so I pulled out my emergency snack ( a must have). Blueberry Clif Z Bar! OMG! This was my first time trying this flavor and I am hooked. It seems so much denser and more moist than the others and it has no saturated fat (score!). There will be many more of these in my future!
I just stepped out of the ordinary and treated myself to some 1% Chocolate milk. It was super yummy! I usually stick with plain because of the extra sugar, but I do love my chocolate! ;)

Alrighty, time to do some homework! I am hitting the gym with Alexa around 6. We plan to do about 30 minutes on the machine and attend the 20 minutes Abs class (KILLER!). Then we'll grab dinner and I'll be back to recap (and give you the fact of the day, of course!)
Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh, love that simple sandwich combo!!!

  2. Hahaha I'm ALWAYS the girl chomping on the apple. Whatever, they are MIGHTY tasty!!!!

    Thanks for the comment!! Do you mind that I added you to my blogroll?! I just love reading inspirational blogs, and yours seems to be one of them!!

  3. good eats :)
    apples are the bestt!

  4. Hey girly! Just came across your blog, and you seem so sweet! I will def. be reading from now on! Feel free to check out my blog as well! Peanutbutterpassion.wordpress.com.

  5. Yum! PB&J!!!! Looks delicious :)

    "Um can we do some abs tonight?" hahah



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