One of my Favorites

Well, getting up early this morning was no fun (at all!), especially since I woke up like every 30 minutes last night (no reason why?!). However, I am relieved to be out of class so early, that I think it is worth it! As I was trekking across campus this morning I fed my grumbling tummy a yummy banana! After my first two classes, I had a one hour break, so I headed over to the Student Union to get a Clif Bar for some fuel. My Bio Lab does not start until next week (yay!) so I am done earlier today than I expected. I need to finish getting all of my books and what not! At one, I met Alexa for lunch and got my favorite thing that is offered.....A veggie pizza! There is not too much cheese, the crust is perfectly chewy and (depending on who made the pizza that day) it can be loaded with veggies or just have a few (today was not a loaded day, but it wasn't bad either!). YUMM!

I then had a diet coke! I am such a sucker for these while at school. I got unsweetened tea this morning with my Cliff Bar and, if you keep your receipt, you can get a free refill (see where I am going here...I cant pass up something free! lol). I try to get unsweetened tea once, so I am not having two big diet cokes each day (though it happens....).

Have a great day and if you went back to school, I hope your classes are going well too!

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  1. mmm veggie pizzas!!!!! love them. it's like indulging and being healthy at the same time, fab!

  2. ahhh back to the grind at school!!! :)

    i would love to improve my photography skills. but let's work on my cooking skills first. haha

  3. What - a southernet drinking unsweetened tea! Sacrilege :-) For some reason I just can't get the hang of unsweetened tea.

  4. i went back today also. not too bad at all.

    so you like the carrot cake clif bar? that one is pretty good. i prefer the maple nut, oatmeal raisin, and the pumpkin pie spice. they are all pretty good, except the mint and the apricot. those really suck.

    good luck with the rest of your classes!

  5. Hey!

    Megan- yes veggie pizzas do ROCK!

    Run&Repeat- I agree about the cooking skills!

    Tanya- haha! I guess I have never been much of the traditional southerner (i.e. I am not too fond of pie....*gasp*)

    runlikethewind- I love the carrot cake flavor. The others sound good (Except mint....). I also had some chocolate almond one, but can't remember the full name, and it was not my favorite!

  6. yummy eats, that veggie pizza looks go-od. I hate when I have one of those interrupted sleeping nights hope you sleep better tonight, oh and have fun at school

  7. Aww, sorry about your sleep troubles. The other night I woke up at 3AM and couldn't fall back to sleep for like 2 hours, so I know how awful it feels the next day :o/

  8. Love love veggie pizza! Looks delicious!


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