Back in Action

I left these two babies this morning! :(

Back at school and ready for the semester! My friend and I printed off the Rec Center's schedule and we are going to try a number of different classes, starting tommorrow! Last semester, we simply went to use the treadmills or ellipticals, but I think more classes would be fun. The choices are things like cardio funk, cardio boxing, BOSU (?!), Zumba, Cardio Step, Body Sculpting and Abs (which I have done and really like!). Do you guys have any advice about which ones you enjoy (and what they are?! haha)

Anyways, the road trip was LOOOONG (duh!). We stopped a number of times to go to the bathroom, get a snack/drink, etc. We had to stop about half way in Dallas and look around in shops because it was raining horribly and the temperature was 32 degrees.....which = ICE! We saw about 5 accidents. While we were looking around, my friend had to buy some PJ/sweat pants because (coming from a hot climate), she was in shorts......needless to say, we were not exactly dressed accordingly! :). We set back out on the road (about 30 minutes later), the rain had let up and after driving for about an hour, the sun was coming out and things were looking up! The only issue is the FREEEZING weather; but that is what you get when you go to school in cold atmospheres! lol One good thing about long car drives is jamming to tunes (including the oldies) with your friends!

Before I left, I had a pear and some yogurt. By the way, I like this fat free thick and creamy yogurt; but if you don't mix it up enough, it is kind of chunky (not good)! Otherwise, A++!

However, an hour later (around 10AM), my friend Alexa was picking me up and I was very hungry so I ate the PBJ sandwich I made for lunch! haha I used Smuckers low sugar jam (with no artificial sweeteners) and the delicious Archer Farms Chocolate Peanut Butter on 100% WW Sara Lee Bread.
While on the road I had about 5 of Alexa's Baked Lays (not worth a picture!).
As a snack later, I ate a gala apple I had sliced and packed.

We made it to QT and the machine with my favorite thing was NOT WORKING. I was so mad. My favorite thing at QT is the frozen coffee drinks. There is a cappuccino flavor and a regular flavor and I usually mix the two. However, it was out of service (it was probably too cold for the average bear, but you are talking to the girl who could eat ice cream in the snow!). The first time I ever visited a QT was about a year and a half ago and my mom actually asked about the nutrition info for those frozen coffee drinks and they are not bad! I dont remember the calorie content, but the fat content is about 5% of the RDA for Total Fat and 10% of the RDA for sat. fat for a 12oz or 16oz serving (can't remember which)!

When we drive home for spring break that frozen coffee machine better be working!!! :))

I settled for a coffee concoction: 2/3 brewed dark roast, 1/6 toffee cappuccino and 1/6 fat free french vanilla cappuccino. That is another thing I love about QT....so many options!! I wish we had one nearby....I would be there everyday! It was very warm, yummy and filling.

We went to Scholtzky's for dinner (about the only thing we could find and we were both starving!). I got a vegetarian pizza and it was piled with veggies! I forgot to bring in my camera and it was too wet and cold to go get it (bad blogger alert!), but it was delicious! There was also a perfect amount (not too much) mozzarella cheese! MMMM!

And this is one of the many cars we saw with ICE hanging all over it! So funny (well, probably not for the person who owns the car...!)

I saved the not so good for last... I left 2 things at home: a t-shirt (no biggie)........and my camera battery charger! (eek!). However, no worries because my mom is sending it off in the mail first thing tommorrow morning, so it should be here ASAP! My battery is almost dead, but I think it may last me for food pics if I use it conservatively! Fingers Crossed!!!

I am TIRED and ready for bed! Tommorrow is my last day before school starts, so I will be running last minute errands. Have a good Tuesday!

Stay tuned and you will get to see how a college student truly eats while attempting to be healthy! When home, I snack more (plus it was the holidays); but now I'm back in action! (p.s. I love those comments bloggies!)


  1. ooh fun i love road trips :)
    good luck with the college eating!

  2. ah the qt frozen coffee drinks... man those things are good! i used to get those all the time!


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