6:45 is early these days!

Thanks for the suggestions! It seems like wordpress comes out on top?! I actually set up a wordpress account, but it is 10X more complex than blogger. More complex is good, but at the moment, I do not have time to fiddle around and get used to it. Therefore, for the time being, I will be sticking with what I know: Blogger.
Before going to the gym, I had a quick string cheese:
My friend was not feeling her best, so we skipped the second class and simply did a 20 minute Abs class (a great workout!) and about 30 minutes on the elliptical while watching King of Queens.
We then proceeded to walk around campus to make sure we knew where all of our classes are. The only one I was not sure about was Biology because I have never been into the BIO building!

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at the dorms. I got a salad (not a great picture!) with romaine, spinach, broccoli, sunflower seeds, carrots and black olives (which all sunk to the bottom....hate that!). I have started to bring my own dressing pouches because they always put on too much dressing for me! I was soooo thirsty (and have been all day, despite all of the water I have been drinking), so I got a Sprite Zero with dinner (water was not appealing anymore.....too much today.....is that possible?! haha)
These are the dressing packets I bought. I also have the light Ranch and Italian varieties to keep things interesting! These are really great for on-the-go!
I just finished a 100 calorie bag of these little guys (pic courtesy of associatedcontent.com):
They always remind me of Coco Puffs! :)
My first class is Political Science tommorrow at 8AM, which means I have to leave my dorm by 7:35, which means that I have to wake up at 6:45! JOY!

I almost forgot! Despite my busy day of buying books, finding classes, making sure payment and what not was in order; I did manage to read the first chapter of the Healthy Skeptic. I can tell I am going to like this book. Each chapter starts with a comic (the first one is below).

The first chapter was obviously about health studies and what to believe, etc. There was alot of facts, starting way back in time and building up to today. I love that comic because it is so funny, yet true. Fad diet trends are all around us....no carb, no coffee....How about simply using balance when it comes to eating!?!
EDITED TO ADD: A big handfull of the Bear Naked Granola from earlier! :)


  1. blogger seems good too though! =)
    healthy looking eats today :D

  2. 8 am classes suck! i had all 8 am classes freshman year and i hated it. tomorrow my first class is at 11 :)

    my schedule is awesome though because all of my classes are grouped together. i love that!


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