Target Markdowns Rock!

I finished up last night playing Sequence with my mom and watching a Dateline we had recorded on our DVR. The midnight munchies sat in and I drank half of a Peach Citrus Fresca (the other half was consumed today with lunch) and a handful of pretzels. This morning I pressed snooze a few times, but eventually got out of bed, got ready and made it in time for my 10AM hair appointment. Afterwards, my mom and I made a quick trip to Target. We purused the Dollar Spot and I got some decorative paper bowls (which you will be seeing soon) and some dish towels for my dorm. I made my way to the frozen foods section and struck gold. There were so many things on sale, I could not contain myself (I am quite the bargain girl!). We got a few things (including some stellar dairy free ice cream which you will surely be hearing more about tonight!!). Although I leave in two days, I purchased things that would either not expire soon or would be consumed by my family.
Before I left for my hair appt., I ate a quick breakfast of a banana and another Yoplait Light.

Once I got home from the store, I was starving and wanted something quick. Therefore, I chose to try a new South Beach Living Pizza variety for lunch (one of the many Target markdowns we bought). I am not a huge fan of South Beach Living frozen entrees, but their Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Pizza is great (and far superior to this Buffalo Style Chicken variety). The sauce on this pizza had a bit of a kick, which was okay; but the cheese just did not melt right.

I am now enjoying a juicy fuji apple, which I sliced up and piled onto one of my little plates.

I plan to enjoy the rest of this day typing up a scholarship essay...what a great way to spend a beautiful sunny day! I may have to take a book outside, go for a bike ride or take the puppies for a walk. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you are having great weather too!

I leave you with this: (they are toooooo funny!)


  1. Love Target markdowns! You can get the absolute best stuff!

    How'd the hair turn out?

    Your puppers are such cuties!!

    Good luck with the essay.

  2. Ah, Target! This is one of my favorite stores for sure (cough, champion sportswear, cough)!

    I'm glad you got some bargain deals there! And I love browsing through the dollar deal section.

  3. my mom loooooves the peach fresca!

    your dogs must be schnauzers!! we have 2 miniature schnauzers, love them :)

  4. cant wait to see the cute bowls :)


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