I usually eat a normal breakfast (well, normal for a college student on the go); but since I have been home, I have been taking advantage of getting to sleep in and waking up around 10. So this morning I had this little guy while purusing some of your blogs:

What do you think it is? See, while rushing through the grocery store the other day...I thought it was an anjou pear. However, this morning while I was peeling off the sticker, I realized it said ApplePear! ApplePear?! How cool is that? The flesh reminds me of a pear, the shape reminds me of an apple and the taste is a combination. I would rank it better than a pear, but it sure didn't beat a juicy gala apple. Then again, it was a fun change and (if I can find them again) I will surely buy some more!

Now on to lunch...After fixing a turkey wrap for my mom, I was craving one too. However, a quick glance at the ingredient list displayed "partially hydrogenated oils". I do my best to keep partially hydrogenated oils out of my diet. Therefore, I heated up my last Amy's California Veggie Burger (which needed to be used up before I leave, since none of my family members will eat them). I also heated up a sweet potato. After mashing it up, I crumbled the veggie burger on top and covered the dish with a drizzle of ketchup! It was very delicious.

In the spirit of using things up, I decided to do something with a baby acorn squash that I bought at Target about 2 weeks ago. I wasn't really in the mood for mashed squash, so I decided to try Acorn Squash Fries. I mean I have made butternut squash fries and sweet potato fries, so why not acorn squash fries?! After heating them in our broken oven (it says 525 degrees when it is actually something like 475...so I guess it still works..haha), they look like fries. On the other hand, they do not taste like fries. They taste like little acorn squash bites....mushy as can be. The "fries" are still good, but not worth the trouble!

Well I am about to watch the Cotton Bowl and root on my Red Raiders!!!! I see some form of snack in my future, but not exactly sure what. After the game, I will be getting ready for dinner and the Rockettes Show. I will try to take a picture of my dinner tonight.

By the way, I am really enjoying this blogging thing, so I think I will be able to keep it up during my busy school schedule! Enjoy your day!

Edited to add: My snack of choice was a No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast in a big glass of skim milk! I realized that I haven't had much Calcium today.

These snuck in...somehow:

Peanut M&M's:

Cookie (With a game of sequence of course!):


  1. I just had a baked sweet potato made in the microwave this week and I had forgotten just how yummy it is! Low gycemic too if you're into that sort of thing.

    Hope Texas Tech won - I caught a little of my Clemson Tigers today too but have no idea if they won or not.

    And please keep blogging even when you get back to school :0)

  2. o0o0o apple pear!? so cool!

    I saw "grapples" (grape/apple) in the store the other day, now i think i may have to try them!


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