Sweet Tooth!

We are running a bit low in the bread department so for lunch I got creative and made a "veggie burger salad". I used an Amy's California Veggie Burger (DELISH!), almost a whole head of romaine and one roma tomato. I took a big forkfull of lettuce and paired it with a bite of the burger and a slice of tomato. Yum-o!

Along side I had a Brisk No Calorie Lemon Iced Tea.

And these cookies are about to be devoured! If you have not already realized this...I have a BIG sweet tooth. I always have, but I manage to still follow a fairly healthy diet!

I did a quick 15 minute ab work out today...I really miss having a gym to go to. I guess that is one good thing about going back to school! The rest of the day is open, so we shall see where it takes me!

Tommorrow my friend, Alexa, and I are going to the Radio City Rockettes at 7:30PM! I am very excited. It is downtown, so we are going to try out this new place (or new for us anyways!) : Murphy's Deli. It is just a simple deli, so I should be able to pick something on the healthy side!

Enjoy your day! It is a beautiful Texas day, so I may go for a bike ride with Alexa later!

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