9 hour drive ahead!

Hey guys! I had a great time last night, enjoying the company of my family and dogs while I still could. Now I am getting ready and at 10:30, I will be hitting the road with my friend Alexa to return to school. I did take pictures of my eats last night, but it was nothing special and my camera cord is all packed away. However, my camera is out and ready to do a full report of today's eats. You will notice that I work out much more when I am at school, which is because I have a gym about 2 minutes away from me at alll times.

One thing I am super excited about is going to the Quik-Trip in Dallas. We always go to QT when we visit my family in KS and now I get to go when I drive to and from school! The best gas station for one reason.......which I will take a picture of and show you later tonight! Intrigue, no?

Enjoy your day! I have 2 hours until my friend will be picking me up!

P.S. Does anyone know how to change the time at the bottom of the post? It should be more like 8:30 ish, not 6:30. I found a drop down window of the different ways to state the time/date, but they all have 6:30 listed.........and it is not 6:30! haha

What is your favorite blog formatting? Is Wordpress or something else better than Blogger?!


  1. 9 hour drive??? road trip!!!

    haha you must blog about how that went!

    my favorite format is wordpress, for sure.

  2. good luck on that long drive!

    haha we have a quiktrip by my house back in texas. they have THE BEST slushees!

    wordpress rules!

  3. i haven't used blogger, but i know i like wordpres better =)


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