A Whole Other Level of Decadence

I got my scholarships done and ready to mail out...whew! :) Now onto the surprise from Target.......DRUM ROLL.......Purely Decadent Dairy Free Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream. It think it must have been mismarked because it rang up as $.99 and I took full advantage. Now, I have never had this flavor before, but I love coffee and chocolate AND almonds are my favorite nut! Sounds perfect, no? I made my dessert in advance (around 2) so it could harden in the freezer. All I did was take 2 Quaker caramel corn rice cakes and sandwich a little spoonful of the decadent ice cream in between. However, I promptly ate them around 4! (oops)
At about 5:30 I had a piece of Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat Bread topped with a slice of cheese and broiled until the top was crispy and melty & the bottom was warm and soft. While I ate, I thought about what to make for dinner...And decided I would use up the rest of the Veggie Corn Dogs (since noone else in my family will eat them and I hate to see food wasted). I paired them with a few Archer Farms Sweet Potato Fries and some frozen veggies that I drizzled with Italian dressing and threw into the oven with the rest of the meal (so fast and delicious). Then, you just wait....and you get this!
I ended the meal with some Caramel Corn Rice Quakes while watching this new TV show with my mom. It is called "Game Show in My Head" and at first I thought it was really stupid, but in the end, it was pretty funny! Then again, it's definitely not something I would rush home to see or anything.
After having my "ice cream sandwiches" earlier and tasting the heavenly ice cream, I knew I had to have a cone for dessert! Period! This stuff is phenomenal and there is no shortage of almond bits or fudge. Furthermore, I really like dairy free ice cream (as opposed to low-fat or regualr ice cream) because it, generally, is lower in saturated fat. Then again, you don't always get the Calcium benefit, so I guess it's a trade off!
What is your favorite ice cream treat?!


  1. WOW! reading this post just made my stomach grumble a little! mocha almond fudge?? you've got to be kidding me!

    yum yum yum-o!

    hmm my favorite ice cream treat? most likely home made brownies with a good vanilla ice cream! (or any baked good...for that matter)

  2. 99 cent ice cream! i would've taken advantage too =)

    i love haagen dazs, and mcdonald's ice cream!

  3. thats a great deal on your ice cream :) usually its more like $2-3! looks good!! :)


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