No Cookie Sheet Required

I was shoppin' around TJ Maxx the other day (I wish my TJ Maxxinista bloggie and I could go together sometime...we'd devour the whole store) and stumbled upon this bag of coffee for $3.00 on sale. Well, coffee ain't cheap folks, so I jumped on this faster than you could say COFFEE! I put it to good use this morning and it smelled almost as delicious as it tasted! I gave my french press a break this morning and whipped 3/4cup skim milk on the stovetop on medium heat with a whisk for about 4-5 minutes...it just takes a little bit longer than the spiffy "French foam". See, you can get foam easily in a variety of ways. DOOO IT!
The people asked and I shall happily deliver:
Emily: (Rory pulls the pizza out) What are you doing?
Rory: I'm gonna make it.
Emily: Oh Rory, you're not serious.
Richard: That hardly looks like dinner.
Emily: I agree. Rory, that's food you eat a carnival, or in a Turkish prison.
Rory: I promise you're gonna love it.
Emily: But-
Rory: Listen. Just leave it up to me. You guys go back into the living room and I'll call you when it's ready. (Emily and Richard both give in and get ready to leave) Hey Grandma.
Emily: (she and Richard both turn around) Yes?
Rory: What are the odds of you knowing where a cookie sheet would be?
Richard: I'd say very slim (Emily gives him a death glare).
Rory: Okay, never mind. I'll find it.
Emily: (looks at Richard before they leave)Very slim? Thank you for that.

Well, here's some good news: To cook up Amy's crust to the peak of perfection, you don't need a cookie sheet. :D

It was divine. I swear by this crust. My mom couldn't believe how tasty it was. I made sure to sweep away two hefty slices into the confines of a big sheet of aluminum foil for a tasty lunch today before I reluctantly head off to the dentist to get my cavities filled (I have my mom's teeth...I could brush all day long and I would still get them!). It doesn't hurt (well, the shot does), but they give you this numbing medication that doesn't wear off for like 3-4 hours = no eating = not-so-happy foodie!
Remember these froyo cups? I found them again and stocked up! I have a strawberry one with white chocolate shavings for tonight. It's okay to be jealous!
Off I go! What's on your agenda today? Entertain me with your non-dentist going ways...


Ohhhh, Erica is going to help you with your workout needs. CLICK here!


  1. Random foodie finds at TJ Maxx are the best.

  2. my dentist is super cute so i purposely go just to visit him. my coworker also goes to the same dentist and we're always trying to find ways to see him. too bad he has a family...pppfff

  3. ok first off, one of my favorite scenes from any gilmore girls episode, everrr...secondly that pizza looks amazing, i haven't had an Amy's pizza in forever...now i want one!!

  4. I LOVE TJ MAXX! seriously i wish i could shop there everyday. pesto pizza has to be one of the most delicious things in the world. and those yogurt cups sound yummy!

  5. I love Gilmore Girls! I'm fairly sure that the episode that is being quoted above is the one where Rory and Lorelai fight and Rory stays at the grandparent's house because she gets snowed in. If it is, I love what proceeds that scene when Emily is noting to Richard that Rory needs real food at their house because she isn't properly fed at home and Richard yells to Rory "Rory, are you in any way malnourished?" and something else. Ahh! I watched it at 11am yesterday and it was GLORIOUS!

  6. My day is over. But you did remind me I need to make a dentist appointment. I hate needles so I do fillings without novacaine, just plain old drilling. It may sound painful, but my pain threshold is way better than the thought of any needle near me. I hope all goes well with your post dentist day...try a milk shake! Oh, I love that Amy's pizza. I am glad they sell it here at the commissary.

  7. sorry for getting back to you so late! I am a culinary nutrition major!

    I just tried that Amy's pizza! It was SO GOOD!

  8. Yay for more GG quotes! Oh it takes me back to Tuesday nights when the CW was the WB...
    That Amy's pizza looks divine! I've only had the roasted veggie, and that was dayum good.

  9. my mom buys those yogurt things all the time now!!! & i want that amy's pizza now.. haha and wtf, that coffee souds too good to be trueee . lucky girll

  10. Those froyo cups look delicious! I want to find them!! Haha, love your gilmore girl conversations!

    Sorry about the filling--that's a bummer!
    <3 jess

  11. oh snooks I can't even imagine the damage we would do in TJmaxx together. only in my dreaaaams.

    boo for the dentist - at least you have that ice cream to look forward to. woo, silver lining!

  12. I never find deals when I go to TJ Max. I must go at all the wrong times. It sounds like find some good deals :)

  13. yumm where do you find those froyo cups girl?!

  14. Ha! I just recently watched that episode of Gilmore Girls. I started a marathon over Xmas and am working my way through the whole series. Such a great show.

    Amy's pizzas are so fantastic! And that coffee sounds delish!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

  15. Love the GG quotes, as usual & also food finds at TJ Maxx / Marshalls! Sweet deals rock my world!

  16. I LOVE those yogurt cups!!!

    I have exactly the opposite teeth as you. I could brush everyday or NEVER brush and I would still get two thumbs up from the dentist.
    SO weird..

  17. Ooh, I've never tried Amy's pizza! Must.

    Work for me today...

  18. Tonight is Tamale Night at our house! We will be making handmade tamales, yes, wrapped in corn husks and everything! We go to this resteraunt called Mas Amigos and they make the most delectable tamales BUT they only make chicken and I am vegetarian. (I know they're good beacause I take nibles of the masa from ym husband's order!) So we're making our own veggie tamales tonight! Hopefully a BIG batch, and we'll freeze some for quick lunches later on!

    Also, I wanted to tell you I am LOVING the Gilmore Girls references! We watched it when it was on and then last year we re-watched them all on DVD when I got into a GGG mood. And I may just be getting into another one!


What's on your "foodie" mind today?