N'nD to R&D

I have yet to see Dr. Zevia, so when you bloggies check in with said Doctor, you better let me know! ;) On another note, I saw Annie's Bunnies in Starbucks yesterday...score!
After delving into the atrocity that is Ian's Mac & Meat Sauce...too harsh?...I decided to give Ian's another shot, and tested out their Baja Fish Nuggets.

Really? Fish Nuggets? Why couldn't we just call them fish sticks. haha For some reason, I'm not a fan of the name...but that has never stopped me before.
The ingredient list isn't too shabby; but all of those different oils that are listed account for the reason why you want to microwave these babies on an absorbent paper plate...they leak lotsssa grease in the micro!
So 3 nuggets is a serving and you are supposed to receive ~3 servings/box, eh?
Well, I received 7 nuggets, not 9....totally NOT cool!
The first time that I made them, I followed their directions to a T! Two minutes in the micro after a flip-a-roo...and they were so tough that I could only eat about 75% of them. However, the breading had a subtle, but nice flavor to it and would have probably crisped up nicely in the oven.
So, I gave them another shot. The 2nd time, I only microwaved them for 1 minute and risked the undercooked fish poisoning that may have ensued. This time, there were a few discernible tough spots, but it was 100% edible and fairly enjoyable...just a little bit too chewy. I felt like I was eating a fish cake instead of fish with a light breading around it.
These are just too chewy and you have to watch the cooking time or they will become tougher than shoe leather in a matter of seconds. They do fill the kitchen with an impressively tasty smell, though.

Rory: Grandma, I can't believe you found the recipe for Beefaroni.
Emily: It wasn't easy. Antonia [the maid] thought I'd gone insane.
Lorelai: Well...
Emily: No one needs a comment from you.
In the end, I'd put Ian's Fish Nuggets in the same category with Beefaroni. Sorry...Not for nutrition (of course!), but just for the whole idea of "Kiddie food"...the stuff people will feed to their kids, but don't really want to eat themselves. Although, a taste of it here and there isn't bad...actually, it makes you feel like a rebellious little kid again. Besides the fact that there are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives within these breaded nuggets, they aren't much different from your average chicken nugget...filled with fish, instead, or course! ;)
So, no, I wouldn't exactly say that Ian's has redeemed themselves in my eyes.
Although, they have strangely intrigued me into wanting to try another one of their products...in a hopeful/doubtful/experimental way.
The good news is that I bought my first lab coat yesterday and am taking 3 different lab courses this semester (in addition to all of my other math/science classes), so I am learning more stuff than I think I realize. Therefore, I will be eligible to hop onto their R&D team and make a difference, in no time! ;)
I'm so excited to develop foodie products...you have no idea.
  1. What is your dream job? Are you pursuing it? Why not?
  2. Is chivalry dead? Someone asked this on their fb status and one of the responses caught my eye: Chivalry is like a shooting star. You hardly ever see it, but when it happens, you're in awe.



  1. my dream job = being a teacher. True story. When I was younger all of my friends dreamt of being princesses and astronauts - I just wanted to get behind a desk and grade papers. Oh god.. I really am a geek.

    I didn't realize how rare chivalry was until I had a few doors slammed in my face by dudes at school. Oh boys!

  2. look at you in your lab coat! you look so smart!!
    ehh fish sticks.. im not a fan.

    1. psychologist! yes!
    2. im blessed with a gentleman boyfriend!

  3. Sorry the fish nuggets weren't all that great!

  4. Dream Job would be working on the Food Network in some way :)

  5. Ian's cookie buttons are delicious! Try them if you haven't already!

  6. You can call anything a "nugget" and a kid will eat it. Thanks for the review!

    My dream job would be to do either hair or make-up... both of which I happen to be horrible at, haha! But I think it would be so much fun!! :)

  7. You look so offish in your lab coat, I love it!

    And I'm gonna be on the lookout for Annie's when I make my Starbeezies run this week : )

  8. OMG so cool with your lab coat, how professional :). sometimes i wonder if half the reason i want to become a doctor is for the coat/scrubs you get to wear lol!

  9. Yay lab coat. My dream job is head of a nutrition department at a major research uni with a dietetic internship as well. I am working on making way to getting my PhD so I can work my way up as a professor and then dept head. I am still young so I consider this my terminal job or final place to be career wise. Hubby is military so we are overseas so then at some point I will get to do my PhD. In the meantime I am doing a second masters program.

  10. hey love in response to your comment..thanks SO much for sharing that with me! I LOVE THAT SONG and needed to download it on my IPOD and you reminded me! you are too sweet. thanks for being AWESOME

  11. 1. I have no idea what my dream job is. I don't think I have one. Some day I'd like to work from home doing freelance writing and selling my handmade goods, but I don't know if it's the job or the arrangement that's the dream.

    2. I don't care about chivalry. I'd prefer people were polite to everyone, not just women.

  12. You look so cute in your lab coat!!! Can't wait to see what awesome food you come up with :)

  13. congrats on buying your first lab coat! that is awesome :)
    1. i dont know yet!! but i think i want to be a psychologist

  14. you look awesome in your lab coat! I cant wait to see what you whip up in the kithchen!!! I am pursing my dream FIELD, not job but being in the nutition, personal training and health field is my dream!!

  15. Yay for the lab coat! I'm not entirely sure what my "dream job" is, but I am interested in physical therapy--which I'm pursuing :) And I don't think chivalry is entirely dead, but I could stand to see a little more of it ;)

  16. Bummer about the fish sticks. You should give my tilapia fingers a try! So easy! No oil required! Cute lab coat. On the job front, I teach group fitness on the side and love love love it!

  17. How cute are you in your lab coat?!

    That's a bummer about the fish nuggets. I have noticed those at the store and considered getting some for the bay in the next year or two.

    Chivalry annoyed my when I was younger. As I get older and have more life experience, I really appreciate chivalry and am bummed when it's absent.

  18. I LOVE that Annie's are in Starbuck's now too - they also have a fresh pack with apples, string cheese and HONEY BUNNIES!!!

    yeah for being on the R&D team - can't wait to read about your creations :D

    Thanks for the annie's contest shoutout - good luck!

  19. My dream job is to be a nutritionist with a specialization in holistic/vegan practices. I would also love to do something with journalism and vegan cooking :) Im all over the place hehe


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