Grocery Store Triumph

Howdy Ho Ranger Jo! (Full House?!) We had a very long long trip, but we made it back to school in one piece after a number of pit stops...Starbucks Frapps, Icees, PopChips...all necessary items. Anyways, when I got to school I had a package from Granola Gourmet patiently waiting for me! ;) Whoop!
This is just a teaser. A review shall commence in my next post...perhaps.
Are you on the edge of your seat?
We had to unpack and go grocery shopping last night, so no time for a keva run...BUT, we wasted no time getting over there this morning! Whew...it's been so long. How did I make it without my beloved Kevaccino? I don't want to think about it.
So, I officially love my grocery store here, near school. Look at all of the goodies I got. Okay, so the Sunshine burgers were not on sale ($3.48 for 3...hmmm..). However, the remaining items were. Ian's Mac & Ian's Fish Nuggets for $.99! WOO HOO! I have never tried either of them, which makes the finds that much better!
A kid in the candy store. That was me...in a grocery store.
Per usual.
Oh and I also found these little guys for $.50! Yep, $.50. I couldn't believe it. These are still simply a treat, but they are much lower in saturated fat (1.5 grams) than any other IC sammie I have ever seen...plus they are a creamy, cold treat and I LOVE anything in the ice cream family.
I have never had these before either, but that didn't stop me from getting 3. I should have gotten all 6 that were left (I wanted to leave some for another hopeful bargain foodie...). I hope they are tasty. I'll keep you in the know, no worries!
  • Have you ever had these "ice cream" sandwiches? Are they as tasty as they appear?
  • What was your latest grocery store triumph? Entertain us with your bargain-ways!
I'm off to organize my life. School starts tomorrow. Whoooooop?!


  1. I definitely want to hear how those are because they sound soooo good!
    I got organic whole wheat pasta for 1/2 off with sales and coupons, even though I hate pasta, haha.
    But I also got 2 4-packs of Steaz for 2.66 total, whereas they're normally around 4.49 for 1 4-pack

  2. i've never seen those ice cream sandwiches. sounds like you scored big at the store!

  3. Oh report back about the ice cream sammiches! Sound delish and what a great price!

  4. Those ice cream sandwiches look good. I wish we had them here to try out. I guess I can always make some at home if I really want something like that. Have a good day back at school.

  5. Grocery store triumph... what a great concept!!

    For me, they're more about finding things that I've been looking for for a while... Like when my store got the PB larabar (even though i dont love it, but its growing on me), i was like YES!!! I may even have screamed of happiness in the store... lol :)

  6. Ice cream sammies look yummy!!

  7. girrrrrrrrrrl why do you toy with my emotions so? gimme the low down on that granola!


  8. i am definatly a kid in a candy store when I enter a grocery store.. Haha. I had ONE day to shop in the states for grcoeries, so I went to Ralphs and spent 50 bucks.. i had to put stuff away!! I havent even been to a TJS or a US Whole Foods! :(saaad.

  9. The ice cream sandwiches look good. Let us know how they taste!!! :)

  10. Vegan ice cream sandwiches? AMAZINGGGG. Plus, hemp is just da bomb. :)

  11. Amazing food deals make my day too!
    And why oh why are sunshine burgs so expensive??

  12. 10 bars for 10 dollars!! those look so good- i'm excited to hear what you think :)

  13. when i started reading foodie blogs, i noticed a lot of people were eating chobani or oikos greek-style yogurt. i love thick yogurt, so i went looking for it here in canada. after trying five or six stores, and even googling it, i came to the conclusion that no one here in the frosty north sold the stuff!

    well, last night i was working and i had to take some clients to the grocery store. i was in the kosher dairy section when - MIRACLE OF ALL MIRACLES! - i actually FOUND SOME OF THE YOGURT!

    turns out, this grocery store - and this grocery store alone - gets it shipped in from the states. they are probably the only ones to carry it in the whole province! needless to say, i danced in the aisles and make a scene. it was a glorious day.

  14. Love the new look!
    I love finding good deals at grocery stores. The other day I found some of those scented plug-ins (normally 5 dollars) for 99 cents!! I bought 5, haha

  15. Those ice cream sandwiches look delicious! Awesome looking granola! I am on the edge of my seat :D

    <3 jess

  16. Love that pictures of you, girlie ... so cute!! ;)

  17. good luck with school starting boo!!
    LOVE the ians products!

  18. I can't wait to hear the reviews!

  19. Good luck with school! I love good yogurt sales! I stock up like there is no tomm!

  20. ohhh man so many goodies! I love grocery stores and new ones esp! I went to a new one in my area yesterday and was literally there for 30 minutes when i just needed 1 thing (obv walked out with more) but i was just in AWE...i love them!! i cant wait to hear reviews on the products you got!

  21. I love finding good deals at the grocery store. All we've got near my college is a WalMart, so it's really not fun shopping here :(


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