It's only fair...

Well, my last post was devoted to veggies, which is great, but I think it's only fair to give my beloved sweets their time in the spotlight too... ;)

Brownie Batter Biscotti!! All of my homemade goodies are gone as of this morning...They were DARRRRN good! :D Almond Kisses...One of the best "kisses" I have ever gotten!
Kashi Heart to Heart (it's been tooo long) studded with chocolate chips...
The cutest bowl ever with my favorite pumpkin miracle mix nestled within:
Topped with a big dallop o' nuttiness and Kashi's new CRISP-y cereal.
Hott Choco Nanners
  • 1 banana sliced length-wise
  • mini chocolate chips
  • Yogurt (I used plain and sprinkled it with turdinado sugar)
  • Cinnamon
Spread the yogurt atop the banana, sprinkle with sugar (if you choose...I chose), dust with cinnamon, dot with chocolate chips. Now place it under the broiler until the yogurt turns into a crispy, icing like creation, the chocolate chips get all melty and divine and the banana turns into a hawt and delectable mess! (~5-7 mins) :D
This sweet treat was the perfect addition to the puzzle that my computer is currently perched upon! My mom and I shall finish it tonight...hopefully!
What...It's not Christmas anymore?!
That's okay, it's still legit to eat chocolate...no matter what the wrapper says! ;)

And now I shall entertain you with all of the fun that I have been having with my "french foam"...

Cocoa, cinnamon and a little sugga was added to this foam-y creation:

Leslie Loves Veggies is giving away a Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel 18" x 9.6" Double Burner Griddle! I would love to win! Click here to enter for yourself! Andrea is giving away some Chobs, which I would also love to win!! I have never tried it.


  1. Emily, the new head looks fabby! And I'm diggin the foamporn (or am I the only one who considers it that way? haha).

  2. Mmmm I'm looking at all that foam!

  3. I don't think I need any pointers for getting my sweets in ;) must.have.sugaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  4. a whole post dedicated to yummy sweet stuff??? my kinda girl!!! :D

  5. The hot banana looks really good. I wish I had some bananas here, I would soooo make one right now.

  6. oh em gee that HOT NANER= foooood pornnnn
    it looks soooooo delish!
    and your cereal w. choco chips! nomm!

  7. YUMS this post is delish! I want to run out and get chocolate lol

  8. Yum Kashi cereal with chocolate chips - great idea!

  9. All looks yummy! Love your idea of Hot chocolate naners!

  10. That naner looks good! And that FOAM... drool!

  11. Ooooo love the hot choco naners recipe.


  12. YUM! this post had the most delicious eats EVER!!! I hope your having a great monday! xoxo!

  13. woohoo! love the eats! I love that pumpkin miracle mix. Right up my alley! Looks so good. You got some major height on that foam too! Awesome!

  14. so many good eats all at once- i love all the chocolate :)

  15. Anything with the name "brownie" in it is okay in my book!! :) YUM!

  16. Yum, yum & yum. I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm new to the health foodie blogger world, but i'm definitely adding yours to my feed! scrumptious!

  17. yes! the copious amount of sweets in this post is like blog dessert after reading about everyone's savory dinners lol. never seen almond kisses before, but if i do i'm gonna pounce on them!

  18. yummyyyyy!!!! love the treats! its never to early to think about or eat or talk about chocolate and sweets.. :)

  19. Brownie Batter Biscott...absolutely amazing!! The rest of your food looks delicious too. :)

  20. Hott Choco Nanners?! I mean, WHAT?! You are so creative with your foods! I love it. This creations sounds, and looks fantastic. And, I love foamed milk. I bought my mom a milk frother once for Christmas when I was young, and I literally used it everyday, so much that it started dying!! haha, oops.


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