The Best Thing I Ever Ate..

Love that show. :D ...and I can't think of a title at the moment...and I'm going to be late for class. lol

Mahalo! I just got back from a quick morning workout, got ready and made a 2 step breakfast. But before we get to that delicious-ness, we must discuss my dinner from last night.

Low Fat, Gluten Free and made with Organic beans, bell peppers & corn tortillas
I received this product from Cedarlane. The Opinions expressed are my own.
Check out these nutritionals. Now, usually, I hold a grudge when companies put 1 enchilada as a serving. However, when you do the math, the whole tray of all natural goodness only has 280 calories, 6g of fat and about 26% of the RDA for sodium...so, all in all, I was very satisfied with this:
The ingredient list is so short, it makes me smile. Why? Because the dish is so incredibly flavorful; which means that each all natural ingredient is able to shine and do it's thang! ;)
P.s. This was one of the creamiest enchilada dishes that I have eaten in a long time.
Question: Where in the world did Cedarlane find their "rennetless non fat cheddar cheese" because I have never met a fat free cheese that I liked...until last night.
Here we see an Organic Pinto Bean, creepin' out of the robust sauce that tastes homemade, beneath a soft, yet firm organic corn tortilla that cradles the components of the dish perfectly without becoming soggy!
As I dug in further, the corn, organic green peppers, green chilis, black olives and onions began to not only make an appearance to my eyes, but to my excited taste buds as well.
This is one of the best enchiladas that I have ever eaten...frozen or not. Wow. That's a bold statement.
Yogurt with half of a frozen banana (cut into chunks) mixed in! I left it in the freezer for 2 hours and ...
I had frozen yogurt that literally tasted like the kind that you snag out of the Ice Cream Aisle! :D
Snack Plates + Homework = My Life At the Moment
Oh yea, back to that breakfast that I was talking about. In a rush? Feeling a little apple-y today?
Grab a packet of instant oatmeal (I had Kashi GoLean on hand) and add one little serving cup (or 1/2 cup) of apple sauce. Mix thoroughly and you will have something the consistency of a loose cookie dough batter. Microwave according to package directions and...voila!
It looked like a little apple cake on the outside, but when I dug in it was creamy as could be. Deeelightful!
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Have a fabulous day! I guess I should get to Calculus II class before it gets to me...


  1. Cedarlane is my favorite!!When they go on sale, I buy ten and hope to eat most of them before the sale is over so I can go buy ten more! YUM!!! My Kroger has some on sale now: Some are priced 3.89, and they're buy one, get one! Two Cedarlane pieces of heaven for less than $4!! Have you tried any of their other stuff?

  2. ill have to try that oatmeal recipe one time. looks really delish.

  3. I would not have guessed that'd be a good frozen meal; good to know!

  4. yumm! i def have that frozen meal in my freezer!

  5. Wow! I am collecting breakfast ideas and your oatmeal/apple sauce is totally going on my list!

  6. I will be on the look out for those enchiladas at the store!!

  7. You are so inventive with your food creations!

  8. Never thought to freeze my own yogurt. That looks good and I know the enchilada was amazing.

  9. Emily, you da you da best!
    For giving me a new enchilada to try (I'm fosho buying it when I find it!).
    For giving me a new on the go breakie for my early class days.
    For being your fab self : )

    Good luck with your calc II! Math gives me panic attacks (jk...kinda).

  10. Whoa, that meal looks so dang delicious!! I am going to have to keep an eye out for that one. Thanks for the review darling!

  11. cedarlane is the meca of frozen foods (except Amy's..obvi) Their burritos make my drooool on myself.

  12. daaang that looks delish for being pre-packaged. who knew?!

  13. Fantastic ideas!! I will be trying both the frozen yogurt and the oatmeal cookie!! Yummy!! :)

  14. cedarlane has really good products!! li had a really good like layered enchilada thing

  15. The oatmeal is so easy!! Awesome!
    Mmm and the enchiladas look good too.
    Good luck in class!

  16. oh cool, i love enchiladas! and froyo! let's just say this post was full of food porn, melikey!

  17. i am bnot a huge fan of frozen meals but those enchiliadas look awesome and I LOVE the short list too!
    that is one of my FAV shows on food network, I love watching cooks and chefs describe food and go find their favorites!! its so fun to watch and always makes me hunnngry

  18. Love the frozen banana/yogurt tip. I would never think to do that and think I will.


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