Love Hate Relationship

Ok so let's talk about my workout tonight! First off, why do I try to talk myself out of a workout ....when it's all said and done and I am walking out of the gym, I feel invigorated and love every minute of it! :D
Today's Workout:
  • 5 Min Walking at 4.0 MPH
  • 20 Min Running at 5.6 MPH
  • 7 Min Walking at 4.0 MPH
  • 10Min Running at 5.6 MPH
  • ~13 Min Walking at 4.0 MPH

It Felt Awesome! I listened to my Ipod and watched Biggest Loser (Which is possibly why I went for so long ....because I wanted to see who would win the challenge....with all of those dang commercials!)

I finished my Honey Nut Cherrios (THANK you LORD!)....that cereal was wayyyy too tempting! Needless to say.....Cereal became a bit of my dinner!

Frozen Carrots before the gym. Yes, you read that right.....our mini fridge was set a bit too high and they froze. I was too impatient to let them thaw and (honestly) they were not bad....interesting! I ceratinly would not do this to carrots on purpose, but they weren't half bad!
Post Workout Snack: Fuze Slenderize Cranberry Raspberry and an apple with Peanut Butter! The Peanut Butter was reminding me of Cookie Dough as I was scooping it out! I only have about 2-3T of this yummy PB left! :(
Cookie Dough Goodness! ;)
And a little crack....I mean Chocolate Little Bites Cereal! <3>

Time to study and get ready for bed! I hope to check up with everyone in the blog world ASAP! Have a fabulous week and it you are taking exams......GOOD LUCK!


  1. Good luck studying! I feel the same way with my workouts :)

  2. Hahaha, cereal in general is crack. Hahah, addicting. Best wishes on your exams!

  3. what an awesome run! good luck studying =)

  4. Great workout! I bet it felt really good! Lol frozen carrots...hmm, I think I'll skip out on those! Good luck studying!!

  5. Wonderful workout, I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! I love how you called the Chocolate mini bites crack. Hahaha. I feel the same way about several cereals in my cupboard.
    Have a great night! Good luck with your studies!!

  6. how did i only recently discover your blog? cereal = crack no doubt about that. glad you got a workout in. the high i feel leaving the gym is prob my fave feeling in the world :)
    cant wait to keep reading.


  7. Thanks for the nice comment! Love your blog too! Can't wait to read more!

  8. Frozen carrots sound kind of fun! Glad you enjoyed your workout (gotta love the endorphins)!

  9. LOL! "A little crack... I mean..." hahaha!

  10. I always feel like that before/after workouts too. The cinnamon raisin PB is awesome :)


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