Step Brothers

No no, I do not have any Step Brothers. I do have a room to myself tonight, nothing on TV and one DVD at my fingertips (which is my roommate's..). We will see how long it lasts before I turn it off and end up watching the Food Network! lol

I got wrapped up in blogs and relaxation and forgot about the gym! I did enjoy Gilmore Girls though!! :D

Here are a few pics of what I have eaten:
along with the remainder of sherbet (who was I kidding....plus I remembered our freezer doesn't work...like at all and it was melting more and more with every minute, so I didn't want it to go to waste right?!), some of my chocolate bunny! and a Light & Fit Yogurt (all that my school offers....unfortunately!)!

I am waking up at 7:30 tommorrow to get ready for a run with Kristen though, so that will be fun! Afterwards we are going to have breakfast at the little healthfood store around here! Here are the 3 options I am considering:
1) Egg white omelet made with farm fresh eggs, turkey, advocado and jack cheese (Which I got the other day and loved!)
2) A quesadilla made with organic whole wheat tortillas, jack cheese and scrambled eggs.
3) Sunrise Burrito: farm fresh eggs, jack cheese, potatoes (and vegetable add ons)


I was going to get waffles, but I have had too much sugar for tonight! Maybe on Monday Morning?

By the way..I am now watching Unwrapped! haha That didn't last long! Not my kind of movie! Though I do love Elf! :)
I am headed to the store sometime SOON! (Though I do not think I will have time tommorrow because I have to run, eat breakfast, meet with my Biology group for who knows how long, find some lunch, do laundry, go with Kristen and her mom to a painting place while the rest of the family prepares her mom's surprise party, go to the party....etc etc!!). Sunday the grocery store may be closed (and for the worker's sake, I hope they are!) If not I will totally be there, though!
I have barely any food! I need yogurt, cereal, pita chips, fruit, veggies and whatever else I may run into!
Check it:


  1. YUM even though I don't eat turkey, that omelet sounds good... I'm a big fan of eggs and avocado together!

  2. how can you not love step brothers!?! crazy girl!! uggh wait. im confused. did you watch step brothers or elf? blonde moment lol.
    i woudl go for the quesadilla :)

  3. I love your eats!
    And I love the show Unwrapped.

  4. I think the burrito sounds great! Option 3!

  5. hey hun
    great eats, have a nice run tomoro :)
    yeah im liking wordpress alot, its way more simple looking which i think makes the blog alot better, thanks for asking :)

  6. Any of those combos sound great but I'd have to go with #1 after seeing how amazing it looked before :)

  7. Gotta love pb stuffed nanners! ; ) YUM!

    Hope you have a GREAT Easter : )

  8. Thanks for the link back! :)


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