Creamy Rainbow

Friday = a great day, no!?!! This morning as I was rushing around to leave on time (I always seem to wake up late on friday! hmmm.....wonder why?!), I grabbed one of my New Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Bars (See my giveaway below!). The second I ripped it open, I felt like I had walked into Starbucks! NO JOKE! Just the smell will wake you up! The taste was more chocolate than coffee, but it was still really good!! :D Lunch was a ham and provelone sammie on whole wheat! It tasted delish...but afterwards, my stomach had a hugeeee knot in it and was hurting sooo bad! I have not had ham in...well I can't even remember....so perhaps my stomach was not up to digesting it? Who knows?

Well, an achy stomach calls for something creamy and colorful to "turn that frown upside down"!
Topped with a small handfull of crushed cereal....
And you get THIS~ YUMM!
And by scooping some out into a bowl (instead of eating the pint straight from the container, I got a full bowl of ice cream and only used this much!). It's amazing! If I would have eaten straight from the container, I would not have stopped there because it doesnt look like much when it is all compact and what not! I have never understood how these pints contain 4 servings, but now I see why! PLUS Since it was not chocolate or vanilla, I was not tempted to go back for more. I like Sherbet (especially this one, which had a touch of fat for an utterly creamy feel), but it is not as beloved as some other creamy creations!I have a whole day (sort of) ahead of me and am not exactly sure what to do with it!

Perhaps this schedule:

2-4:00- Homework, catch up on stuff

4:00- Watch Gilmore Girls! I haven't watched it in so long and I have the time today! :D (**BIG SMILE**)

5:00- Gym

6:00- The store perhaps?
BARNEY BUTTER! I have been wanting to try this stuff! (check out the Barney Butter Fiasco)
Tommorrow Kristen and I are going for a run around 8:30!
Any tips for running in the midst of a chilly morning?


  1. Hey girl! I'm so glad you came by my blog! And I'd like to share with you my LOVE for that Kashi cereal...I eat it almost every single morning crumbled over my oats! I love the whole ice cream combo, too. How creative :)

    And as for the donuts, you should totally order some! They're definitely worth it, and mine shipped overnight, which was awesome. If you order em' let me know which ones you decide on!

    Have a great day and enjoy Gilmore Girls!

    Love, Meg

  2. Oh my gosh, I am totally drooling over your delicious lunch!!!

  3. I love sherbet too! I used to always put rainbow sherbet in orange soda haha. Good old days.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. I ALWAYS feel like I'm running late Friday mornings too! Nice idea with the Kashi over the ice cream - genius!


  5. I need to try the kashi vanilla, it looks great!

  6. yum, i really like fiber one bars cause of how long they keep me satisfied!! i will definitely have to try this flavor, ive never seen it!!

  7. holy smokes - awesome bowl of ice cream girlie!

  8. It's pretty chilly when I go on my runs, so I wear a few thin layers that I can peel off and tie around my waist if I get hot. The biggest problems are hands and ears... cheap knit gloves and a winter headband are key!


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