25 Random Things about You...I mean me!

The Wonderful Michelle tagged me so here it is.....

25 Random Things about Me!

  1. I have only had dogs in my life....all though I love all animals! None of my pups has ever died a natural death.
  2. I may be seen from time to time jamming out to T. Swift while driving.....
  3. I don't get around much......I have only lived in 2 states (and have only visited 5 states)
  4. I have esotropia and am hoping to get surgery and ditch the glasses this summer or the next.
  5. I had surgery on my head when I was about 3 weeks old.
  6. I used to want to be a dietician, but thought I could utilize my love for food and science more efficiently as a Food Scientist.
  7. I strongly dislike reading/writing unless it is about food or science (go figure!).
  8. I can't draw, but love to collage and whatnot! My mom said she used to just give me a piece of paper and scissors as a kid and I would go nuts; while my brother would just sit there and ask "What do I do with it?".
  9. I USED TO beat my brother at wrestling (dad was the ref!...which may have had something to do with it!?).....then he got too strong and we grew up! lol
  10. I should be studying RIGHT NOW!
  11. I love ICE CREAM, CEREAL and PIZZA! haha (healthy versions of course!)
  12. I grew up on hamburger helper and my mom always had a candy bowl in our dining room! (Yet, my brother and I were never overwieght and my mom's theory is that if you give it to them as kids, they wont feel deprived and go crazy on it when they grow up! Come to think of it, I like her ideas because I never have really craved candy much! We always had whatever cereal we wanted (no matter how sugary) and Kool-Aid...the works! It seemed to workout nicely! However, nowadays....you probably won't find me eating those things.....ANYWAYS
  13. I have been blessed by the Lord with a brilliant mind and I have had straight A's since they started keeping track of that kind of stuff.
  14. I love double talk and I'm really good at it! (HAHA Just Kidding! That's a quote from GILMORE GIRLS.....my fave show)
  15. I do not like the smell of smoke.....
  16. I would rather be hot than too cold.
  17. I am addicted to Keva Juice and Cereal of all types! :)
  18. I watch movies and then ...later on....have to ask my friend's if I saw them! LOL I just can never remember the plots and what not! Plus I can't remember if it was a preview I saw or the real thing... It's horrible! haha Ok...not with every movie but with many!
  19. T. Swift is the only music I study to (If I need music) because her songs are the only ones that I know so well that I dont have to sing anymore....haha.....Any other songs I would want to sing to or.....with new songs I am too busy trying to learn the song!
  20. I grew up on Skim milk and all other milk tastes funny to me (besides soymilk).
  21. I got to go to Disney World with my Dad's company many years back and WANT TO GO BACK!
  22. I am on the ballot to be secretary for FDSC club next year.
  23. I can get a 20 on my Art Final and still have an A in the class!
  24. I write reviews for http://www.iateapie.net/
  25. I love jewelry and putting together cute, but casual outfits. However, this week, I will be sporting shorts and Tshirts and cramming my brain with a wealth of information..................................................OFF I GO! :D

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And now I am going downstairs to get some SOUP at HAND! :)


  1. Aww girl I hope you're not stressed out too much from all of this studying. I'm sure it was nice to take a break from it! So..I hear SO much about this Keva Juice on your blog - I need to find some, haha! And oh my gosh I LOVE iateapie.net! I can't believe you're one of the reviewers! I feel like I know a famous person now :) amazing! I love this list! I'm excited that you tagged me, this will definitely be in my post tomorrow or Tues! Thanks :)

    Love, Meg

  2. I was a skim milk girl too and all of my friends had half or 1% at their houses - EW!! I could never get over how thick it was!!

  3. Thanks for reading my blog! I can't wait to read more of yours! :)

  4. I knew all that! WOOT!
    Except for the secretary-for-Food-Science-Club thing - that is awesome, why didn't you tell me about that?!

    I've only known you for like.. forever! :)
    And only about... forever more years to go!

  5. what a fun survey!!! thanks for sharing it =)

  6. Fun survey and thanks for the tag...I should be studying right now too!

  7. Aww you tagged me, i feel special!! lol!

    OMG WHAT? I can't believe you write for iateapie.net! Wayyy long ago I used to read that site every day, I haven't checked it in a while (probs because I spend way too much time reading everyone's blogs haha!) That is AWESOME, you're pretty much an expert then :)

    You WOULD quote Gilmore Girls on here, too funny! I'm sorry about your eye problem, but I'm sure the surgery will fix it! And besides, you look really cute in glasses! I loveee Taylor Swift too, she's amazing!

    I grew up on skim milk too (until I was about 9 and REFUSED to drink milk anymore..never liked it!) but when I was about 6 I went to my grandparents house and had some other kind of milk (2% maybe?) and literally yakked. It was so gross, like drinking butter!! Funny how acquired tastes work!

    I know you're going to do GREAT things, whatever you choose as a career! Food scientist would be so cool, I can't wait to hear more about it!

  8. I loved learning more about you, girl! Thanks for the tag!! I already did this on my blog a while ago, so I'll post a link to that post in my next post. Haha, I used the word post soo many times there. Have a great day! Love always,

  9. Oh my gosh I had so much fun reading all of those! Disney is probably my fave place on the face of the earth, taylor swift is gorgeous, and I HATE the smell of smoke!

    Hope your having a great day hun <333

  10. T Swift! :) and you definately need to try to come to disney while im down there :)

  11. I agree - I would rather be hot than too cold as well!! My favourite is the bolded, I should be studying right now. That deserves to be on every students list!!!

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog and added you to my blogroll. Love your 25 random thoughts.


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