Quikie....Part 2!

Just a quick hey-hi-hello! I just got back from church and had a banana with some PB&Co (and a few dips of just PB! ;) YUM!
All of that cereal last night made for a not so hungry girl this morning.

I am about to go pick up Alexa, drop off the boxes at Kristen's, pick up some Pita Chips and Conditioner at Target.....yea I forgot them yesterday and Target is right by K's house.....then drop by KEVA JUICE and pick up a Kevaccino to take to the SUB with us to study study study study study study study.................................. :/
Get outside and enjoy the great weather for me today! :D
Let me start out with the fact that I have a new KEVA JUICE LOVE!
If you ever find yourself walking into the doors of the beloved Keva Juice...here is what you MUST ORDER:
A 24oz Kevaccino with Strawberries.
No, it is not on the menu. However, thanks to my bold decision....I have found the ultimate drink. Think ~fat free, creamy, cold, chocolate covered strawberries.......OH YUM YUM YUM! Nutritious and Delicious! ;) Expect to see many of these in the next week! (Like tommorrow! haha).
Moving on....we got everything dropped off at Kristen's house and I have gotten a bit of studying done, but after this post, I am turning off my comp and REALLY cracking down!
I had an unruly fruit cup again. Seriously, don't ever buy WalMart Fruit Cups! Especially not for some poor child to carry in their lunch box!
And another cheesestick with Food Science Notes! I actually enjoy studying FDSC!
It's just the whole actually DOING IT that gets me!
And Stacy's Pita chips....A Food I love to hate and hate to love! haha They are like the ultimate chip and I knew that buying a bag meant eating more like 4 servings (there are only 6 in the tiny bag!)....but I didnt care b/c I have not had them in A LONG time and wanted them. Period. Needless to say, Im not too hungry; but will probably grab a salad downstairs later and a bar or something!

PEACE OUT! Im off to study in my quiet room before the roomie gets home!

Can't wait for May 5th to roll around! :D


  1. Mmmmmm delicious! Cinnamon raisin swirl!!!

  2. Yum yum! Good luck studying!!!
    Love always,

  3. Good luck studying in this gorgeous weather!!!

  4. those pita chips make my life complete haha i love the "doubled" ones haha. enjoy your day girlie!

  5. Simply Naked Pita Chips are the only kind worth eating - yum!!


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