Hey guys! Wow, I feel like it has been 9 years since my last post! I can't wait for wednesday to roll around so I can get these 2 tests over with! Here was my breakfast a day or 2 ago:
Clif Bar and Yummy Tea My Cousin Sent me!
These are my "winter shoes"...my friends always make fun of me! haha Unless it's snowing (or I'm going to Chem lab...lol) this girl likes her FLIP FLOPS! Born & Raised!!
The BEST part of the ice cream cone! Seriously, I love it! And when it's filled with Jason's Deli Soft Serve....well just watch out! :D

It's what keeps me coming back for MORE (3 to be exact!)

The BEST combo! Period! Love that Laughing Cow!

Some freebies courtesy of Kristina at Stonyfield Farms! So nice of her! I can't wait to try Oikos greek yogurt!
And it came with this cute reusable baggie!

And I got it back into that compact little compartment very easily! lol
Lunch today! A salad from Chik-A-Fil (that's what lex and I call it!) at the Cafeteria!
The best dressing option......which wasn't the BEST (look at all of those ingredients! meh! It was yummy though....I only used about 1/3 of the packet!)
The was an unpictured KEVACCINO (from Keva Juice) and Quaker True Delights Bar!
Laundry, FDSC and some Music! Yippeee (there was a BIT of sarcasm there!)

Another yummy burrito! This one contained black beans, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce in a whole wheat wrap!
Messy, Nutritious and Delicious! ;)

A not so NUTRITIOUS, but oh so DELICIOUS snack I bought at the store tonight! I haven't had these in sooooo long! My fave variety is the BOLD!

Peace out ladies~! Enjoy your night!
Don't Forget to Check Out Julie's GIVEAWAY! :D


  1. Great EATS!!!!!! I love laughing cow, seriously. Have I mentioned that yet?? I'm pretty sure I have..like 5 times. haha. Have a good night!

  2. Yay, a post!

    Love the Oatmeal Raisin Clif bar. Probably second only to the banana nut bread flavor.

  3. Oh, yum yum yum yum! Totally love your delicious eats. And ice cream! =D

  4. I broke out my Haiviana flip flops today too...it felt great, even if it was three degrees celsius this AM!

  5. OMG! that is TOTALLY the best part of an ice cream cone. the part where the little..i dont know, 'waffle' starts at the bottom, and the ice cream has made it all soft and soggy.. mmmmm! best taste in the world. :)

    im right up there with ya girl..i hate to say it but ive even worn flip flops in the snow! :) im a summer gal, what can i say!

  6. You are right that is the best part of the cone!!!

  7. YES you're right, the best part of the cone! I can't wait for Wednesday to be over for you either!

  8. wow lotsa great eats :) especially the ice cream!
    have a great weekend hun!

  9. Yay for yummy tea from your cousin!!! : )

  10. Delicious eats! That ice cream looks so yummy. As does that burrito, mmm.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  11. That is the BEST part of the cone! LC is good with EVERYTHING! I'm just convinced of that by now :)

  12. I am totally gonna have to agree with you about the icecream cone. The bottom is by far the BEST part, but only when its soft serve, because it sinks all the way into the little cracks! haha.

    You are going to love the greek yogurt, its my favorite. Plus its just so much better because its free :)

  13. LOVE Chex Mix! The Chocolate Turtle is my favorite, no surprise there! :)

  14. oh goodness that icream looks too good!!

    Chex Mix is kind of one of my weaknesses haha

  15. I love party mix snack mixes!!!! So jealous you wore flip flops, the snow came back to Ontario today!

  16. I agree with you on the best part of the ice cream cone!!

    I hope you like the yogurt! It tastes great mixed with kashi cereal :)

  17. I love the Chex Mix BOLD too!!! It's like crack to me. One time I ate the whole bag and got really sick. T_T


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