***Think Green!***

It's Earth Day!
Do something good for the planet today (and every day for that matter!) :D

This morning I brightened up my **not so bright** Poli Sci class with a new breakfast find......
Sure I had the typical banana, but I accompanied it with one of these Hearts I bought at the little health food store around here!

They were not as sweet as I was expecting; but after my second bite, I was hooked! It is so refreshing and had the texture of a cookie/cake/muffin hybrid! The lemon poppyseed flavor was very natural and refreshing! I can't wait to try the other flavors! Perhaps when I eat the second heart I will try microwaving it and topping it with some PB.....or jam!? YUM!
After Poli Sci and Chemistry, my tummy was growling, but nothing sounded good and I was trying to study but had NO energy....SOO I headed to the on campus Starbucks and got a Tall Coffee with 1/2 Skim milk and a bit of Splenda (whoops!). It only cost $1.68! Make your own drink and pay less! :D
Ok I am supposed to meet Alexa and Kristen for lunch across campus in about 15 minutes so I need to get going! I am planning on ordering up some of these YUMMY Black Bean Tacos! It will look something like this!
After lunch, I am going to hunker down in the library and STUDY!
Oh Exams..........................


  1. I love lemon poppy seed anything. Just found your site..it is great!

  2. i love how you can see all the nutritional goodness in the poppyseed bar! yummmmmyy

  3. YAY earth day! And awesome hearts!

  4. how CUTE is that cookie/muffin/thing...and vegan too...ummm, where can i get it!?

  5. Great eats! Good luck studying, girl :)

  6. Those look like "sun cakes" or something like that..I always see them in WF and they sound really tasty! Hooray for affordable coffee! Have fun studying and I hope your tacos are delicious!

  7. Yummy eats!

    GOOD LUCK WITH THE EXAMS you will do great I'm sure. And Happy Earth Day! :)

  8. Owwww those hearts are so cute! I love when muffins/cookies are put in fun shapes ;) Happy Earth day to you too!

  9. What a fun heart!! They sound fantastic!


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