Waiting on the Crown

Hey! Today was go-go-go! However, I did get to sleep in until 8 (making for 9 Wonderful Hours of Sleep!). I really needed that going into this next week! :/ Needless to say, I got up (skipped my workout) and took a shower. Then Alexa and I went to Starbucks to study and grab a drink!

LOOK: I found yet another hidden element of the SmartWater bottle.....haha..... I ate a Banana upon waking up and consumed the PBJ while chilling at Starby's!
NUMMMMMM!! :D There is nothing like waking up to a perfectly ripe banana! :)
Grande Coffee Frap Light!
Starbucks is trying.......
Quaker Oatmeal Squares (I just had another handfull.....if it was not for cereal....I would starve......or go into a state of depression! LOL)
I also got my laundry done today and with all of the running around to and from the parking lot, up and down to the laundry room, over to Alexa's dorm.....ahhhh I was STARVING!
A Black bean, cheese, tomato and lettuce WW wrap always does the trick! :D
Alexa was eating these and there were a few crumbs in the bottom that I snagged.....I would never purchase this product because it is WAAAY too good! It's dangerous!
Snack during the movie......We watched Dr. Brooks.....It was Scarry, Intense, Wierd......okay, but not something I am dying to see again! lol A little too wierd for me!
Then I came home to open a TINY fruit cup...it was Wal-Mart Brand.....the lid was soo hard to get off that juice went sloshing all over the floor and (as you can see) I couldn't get it all off.....umph!
So I had a satisfying cheese stick to make up for that nonsense!
And as I said before, I just ate some cereal! Yes, I go through about 2 boxes per week. I am addicted. But, I am not sure I want help because that would mean less cereal in my life..........I'm just fine being the Cereal Queen.....Still Waiting on the Crown Though! ;)
So as you can see from my post....not much studying went on today! I don't think it has clicked that my EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK!
Tommorrow after church, we are going to be bringing our boxes to Kristen's and then hitting up Keva for some serious studying (and DELISH smoothies!).
In other news......PLEASE PRAY FOR JENNA AND HER FAMILY! Read her post here. I am very sorry for your loss Jenna and know that God is with you always. You and your family are in my prayers!
Also, here is a cool link that my aunt sent me!
Send a free card to soldiers across sea and make their day by showing your appreciation!


  1. Lol great, well thanks for making me keep that creepy movie! Gah. Love the pics... too funny!

    Yahoooooooooo see ya for church!

    -Lex (Yes, I'm too lazy again to sign in...)

  2. I love coffee shop studying too :) Have a great night!

  3. Oh my gosh, what an awesome and tasty time!!! |Mmmmm wrap! and go starbucks!

  4. I have no idea if the Nature valley bars are nutrition dense at all but I really love them!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like a very productive day, I'm so glad you don't have to drag alllll of your stuff back home for the summer! It's great to have friends willing to store your stuff, lol!

    Yes so so sad about Jenna's brother =(

  6. Great day! I love perfectly ripe bananas in the morning too :) Annnnd studying at Starby's. I think I'm going to stop in there to study for italian today :) Wooo.

    I will be praying for Jenna and her Family as well.

  7. hahaha this post was too cute on sooo many levels. reason #1: you found MORE hidden messages on your packaging. #2: you acknowledged the fact that the name "Emily" automatically sets you up for spelling failure. #3: you pop out of boxes like a PRO.

    Good luck with exams girl. As long as its not a spelling test, I'm sure you will do great :)

  8. These fruit cups thingie always spill all over me - there has to be a better way to get the lid off. I was crazy sad for Jenna too - can't even imagine what she's going through.

  9. Hey Girl! I love the blog and I am super excited you found me! I already added you to reader so i can thoroughly stalk you now haha. Anywho dont worry about the sunflower seed butter and the OFB Muffin Bars both are new to me as well and actually that line of Organic Food Bars is new so youre really in the clear! Haha well enjoy the weekend!

  10. Perfectly ripe bananas = awesome. I hate when you get a slightly-unripe one though... blehh

    Sounds like you did a lot of productive packing - you must be excited about going home soon (but not so much about exams next week.. ick!)

    Good luck with the study!

  11. So I had to giggle a bit when I saw that black bean burrito :P But I am so glad that they don't give you any trouble for ordering them anymore, haha!

    Good luck studying, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your cereal-filled weekend.

    Jenna & her family are in my thoughts & prayers.

    Love, Meg

  12. hey girl! i changed my blog address!! not sure if it will automatically switch over in the blogroll links or not - but it is http://caffeineandlaughter.blogspot.com/

    love you!


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