Quick "din"!

Quick Post of What I Ate For "dinner" (more like snacks..but that's cool with me! :D )

For a more thorough recap of the day, see my previous post!

Campbell's Soup at Hand (My school doesnt have the low sodium ones.....OUCH! It's ok....my low blood pressure can handle it!)
Yogurt with a 100 Cal. Pack of Nuts! Yum!!!Popcorn (courtesy of Alexa's Care Package!)...Thankfully there was only ONE serving in the bag...hate it when they put 2 or 3 servings in a "single-serve" bag! And I just ate a handfull of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and I am about to turn off my computer and munch on a baby bag of Kashi's while STUDYING! :/ (CARBS are my go-to study fuel....)

Tommorrow morning we have no classes, so Alexa and I are hitting up KEVA JUICE at 10AM and starting off the day RIGHT!


  1. Mmm... I love juice, though I've never had Keva juice. Hope you enjoy, and good luck with that studying.

  2. That kettle corn is AMAZING! I used to grab a bag all the time when I'd go to Whole Foods. Sadly I haven't seen it in a while!

    I hope you're not having TOO much fun studying! Haha just kidding. :P Studying is no fun! But it certainly pays off when you get those grades! You'll do awesome girl!

    Love, Meg

  3. Yes to carbs!!! Hahahaha, I love carbs.
    And good luck with studying!

  4. I hate when they put more than one serving in an indiv pack too! LAME! PS I went back to iateapie.net and poked around to find your reviews..omg I TOTALLY read your stuff way back in the day before I ever started reading these blogs, how funny! Good luck studying, make sure you get some sleep too though (if you can, despite the roomie situation!)

  5. 980 mg - DAYAMMM!! good thing you are aware of it. i agree about popcorn servings per bag. how much sodium in that baby!?

  6. i agree that carbs are the perfect go-to-study fuel. good luck studying!

  7. We studied hardcore today... you're gonna rock that FDSC test tomorrow morning! Good luck :)


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