Moovayyys!! haha Did you get that?! Anyways, we went to a drivein that shows 2 Movies for the Price of One. We chose Knowing and State of Play. State of Play was the first to show and it didnt start until 8:40 (thanks to the glowing sun!). State of Play was surprisingly GOOD! It was very suspenseful, mysterious and slightly scarry (Im a baby! haha), but all of it mixed together perfectly! Knowing was okay....It didnt start until past 11:00 (I was SOO tired). Nevertheless, I stayed tuned for a while, but this must have been a low budget film or something because the screen was pitch black half the time with shadows of peoples creepy faces in the background (haha! Ok I dont know if it was low budget...I was just annoyed!). It was almost verging into the realm of Sci-Fi.....meh we left around 12:15. I was falling alseep anyways!
Diet Coke!

Smart Water! If you know me, then you would know why I had this water. It was not because it tasted any different (to me, it didn't) or because it made me feel "cool" (that reminds me of middle/high school! lol). It was because (ounce for ounce) .....
IT was CHEAPER than Dasani! :D We were going to do just snackies during the movie, but who were we kidding! We were Starvin' Marvins! It was so funny because to get these wraps we had to run half way across campus (Alexa and I were running late because we were watching old videos of the two of us on road trips and just goofing around...AND LAUGHING OUR butts OFF!).
Not to mention we had to go to the bathroom soooo bad ......after making our way to the drive-in, through the Looooooong line and into the theater area the previews had already started. Darn! This place has SHORT PREVIEWS! Usually a PLUS! However, we decided to not think twice and RAN from our car to the bathroom and got back RIGHT when the movie started. No Joke! People were staring left and right! It was AWESOME! We are usually super duper early for things! It was fun though! haha
Same wrap....different view! YUMMMM!
Another pack of Almond M&Ms! Movies call for candy and these are my faves! I decided to show you how I eat them. I suck off the chocolate and enjoy every sinful moment and then when it is all gone, I munch away at my favorite nut! The package lasts so long and you get to truly enjoy the almonds and chocolate to their fullest!

BREAKFAST! Yogurt (I cant wait to go home in 2 weeks! And try OIKOS!)and my favorite mix of Annies Cinnabunnies and Honey Roasted Peanuts....I think this was my last bag! :(
We went down to the little convenience store for lunch (because it was closest) which means limited choices. I got a salad (but only ate half...it was ...meh!)
My dressing of choice...
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Kashis and PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin! :D MMMM Baby!
Ok My laundry is done (yay!), but I need to start studying for my tests this upcoming week and the CLEP test....which I need to take on Tues/Wed! Eeek! So much studying!

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  1. I've never had almond m&ms! They look great.


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