Monday is OVER! :D

Hey Hey! How was everyone's Monday? I was kind of down yesterday, but I feel much better today (Although I have a HUGE Food Science Test I will be CRAMMING for the second I press "Publish Post"!...let's not think about that!). Anyways, I hope Monday treated you well!

I ate way too many Honey Nut Cheerios last night! Whoops! ;)

Is there a Cerealics Annonymous (CA)? I could totally be the president! (any VP's out there?! haha)

This morning I woke up 30 minutes late but still made it to class on time (I needed that sleep anyways!). I ate a Banana and PBJ (Made with Whole Wheat Bread, Peanut Butter & Co Cinnamon Raisin PB and Cherry and Blueberry Preserves)throughout the morning.

For a mid afternoon snack, I had this lovely bar (YUM!) and an Apple!

I then went to Chem Lab and did the LOOOONGEST lab ever. Seriously our Prof almost had to kick us out because we took the whole 3 hours! BUUUT....It was my last Chem lab! Yay!


My mom always says..."Emily you are going to be a chemist......why are you glad Chem Lab is over?"...
My Response.."Well, If we were working with FOOD, things would be different..I am going to be a Food Scientist.....totally different! ;)"

After Chem Lab I got a much needed Kevaccino from Keva Juice! Sure I just had one yesterday, but KEVACCINOs are my Comfort Food. Seriously, after one sip, all of my worries go away! It's magic food! You will be seeing alot more of them during these next two weeks!

Some of you have been asking what Kevaccino is and I always forget I have new readers each day...Let me explain for those who are newbies.....Keva Juice makes Smoothies. But, Not your average smoothies. They use Fat Free Frozen Yogurt, Fat Free Milk, Real Fruit and (depending on the smoothie you choose) Sherbet or Fruit Juice (and also add in some vitamins, protein powder or one of their other options for FREE). I ALWAYS get a Kevaccino which consists of Fat Free Frozen Yogurt, Skim Milk, ice and coffee flavoring. It is like a low fat Milkshake and when I go home for Summer I may just have withdrawls without it! haha

Dinner was some extra yummy tacos. I got black beans, lettuce, a bit of shredded cheese and tomatoes. I asked for extra lettuce and she put a big handfull on the side, so I got to have a mini taco salad after I was done with my overflowing tacos! DELISH and oh so filling!
I don't think I will need a snack tonight, which is a miracle!

Sorry for the lack of pictures!! I need to get studying!!

My lab group tried to meet today but our TA (Teacher's Assistant) was not there when we thought shee would be SO we are meeting tommorrow at 2:15 FO' SHO! Man this has turned into a big ole' mess!

I also plan on going for a nice Tuesday Morning Run tommorrow at 7AM! :D


Edited: I had half of my brownie from my chem teacher (pic to come tommorrow) and a handfull of ....CEREAL (The Mini Chocolate Mini Wheats pictured a few posts back! lol!.....)


  1. hahaha, I know what you mean. IM ADDICTED TO CEREAL... NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!
    Good luck with everything, studying and all!!

  2. Those drinks sound soooo good. My brother's a chem major, so I hear about those labs quite often. I hope your work and studying pays off. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Love the tacos! I hated chem labs, so glad I am done with them... have an awesome run tomorrow!

  4. I feel ya on the cereal- I had to stop buying PB puffins because they disappeared in about 1.5 days...

  5. Haha oh my gosh I so know what you mean on the cereal shenanigans- I always always always put cereal in/on everything - my oats, yogurt, etc! Good luck on your exams, you'll awesome :)

    Have a wonderful night & a great run tomorrow morning!

    Love, Meg

  6. You could probably easily make your own Keva juice at home!!!
    Good luck on your run tomorrow morning :)

  7. grr i wish we had a keva juice! that place i used to get my coffee from was exactly like that..well, except the healthy part :) i actually worked there for a while so i learned to make my own drinks..it was vanilla powder, skim milk, ice, and caramel syrup! SOOO good :)

    looks like we'll both be taking tests in the morning :( good luck!!!

  8. Mmm Clif Nectar bars rock!! Yeah I hear ya about the cereal...a little bit always seems to turn into a lot, and eating it portioned out is just never as much fun ;)

  9. Have a great run tomorrow a.m! Those kevaccinos sound delicious!

  10. haha, you really are a cereal addict! but I know how addictive they can be! I can't really eat them dry though, I always need them in a bowl with milk.
    those keva juice really does sounds so refreshing and nutritious and delicious! healthified milkshake, sort of.

  11. Honey nut cheerios! I feel cheated... we only have plain here :-( But they are absolutely my favourite!!!

    Kevaccino's do sound yummy - thanks for explaining! And those tacos look GREAT!

    Enjoy your run :-)

  12. I will join Cerealaholics Anonymous with you. I'm in love with CEREAL!
    Have a great day!

  13. I'm a curious Chem student - what lab did you do that took forever? Since we're learning about the same stuff and I just had a lab that took 8 years to finish I wonder if it was similar.

    ANYWAY!! Every time I hear about your PBJs I always crave them ;)

  14. yay tacos! :D I want to make some- your pics always look delicious!

    tagged you BTW!


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