Wow! You guys are awesome! 17 comments on my last post! (which may not seem like alot, but it is for little ole' me!). I love it! Keep 'em coming! I need to update my blog roll when I get a minute!

Ok so I am Physically and Emotionally drained! I have a MAJOR Food Science Test Tuesday night and a MAJOR Chem Test Wednesday night! So I am trying to prepare and just feel so overwhelmed.

Here is a picture recap of a few of the many eats (including, but not limited to: blood oranges (yum!), apples, bananas, 365 Vanilla Sandwich cookies, popcorn, salad, dried fruit, yogurt, cereal (too much!...or is that possible?!), almond milk...) I have had in the past 2 days!
Dinner Last night: Sammie! YUM!

Lunch today: VEGGIE stir fry over white rice (it was that or fried! Get some brown rice in the house people!). It only cost $1.25 though! :D They also offer water as an option for cooking (instead of oil), which is cool!

GELATO! I have tried almost every flavor and they never fail to impress! Today I got a vanilla (one flavor I had yet to try) and it was so delicious, sweet and creamy! They hand our punch cards and once you buy 9 cones/cups, your 10th one is free! Well, TODAY mine was FREE! :D

Alexa got Cookies & Cream and Kristen got Tiramisu!

I will be checking in (and hopefully making time for a full-fledged post) before Wednesday. However, after Wednesday I will be back FULL FORCE!
Have a stellar weekend for me! haha Mine will be filled with Studying and going to a FDSC workshop Saturday from the crack of dawn until about 3 (fabulous, no?!)

Wow that was a really Debbie Downer post! lol It'll be better next time! :D
Perhaps the color can help make up for it?!


  1. That gelato looks delicious, yum!

  2. Ugh I feel ya on the major Chem test :( What are you guys covering on yours?


  3. Good luck with studying and everything, I know you'll get it all done. Great gelato once again! Hang in there girl!

  4. Awh, hope all goes well with the test and all!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  5. awww you're too cute! I love how you titled this post 17. :) You'll soon make 27, then 37 girl, don't worry!

    Study hard and keep eating those yummy foods. I'm drooling over that sandwich for dinner!! hehe

  6. have fun with chem!! Organic is my next chem class.. GAG.

  7. Everything tastes better when it's free! Good luck with studying and the workshop..hope you still squeeze in some yummy food during your busy weekend! Can't wait for your RETURN on Wednesday :)

  8. Thanks for commenting! I loveee finding new blogs to read. :) And OH my gosh, I could totally go for some gelato!! I have so much trouble picking only one flavor to order at a gelato place. Everything always looks so amazing!

    Good luck on your tests too. It'll be over before you know it!

  9. Good luck with studying and the tests. You are going to do great! Much love

  10. Have a great weekend girl! That sandwich is making me hungry! haha

  11. $1.25? Can I come for lunch? :P

  12. That sandwich looks amazing!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Mmm, love those ice cream flavors.

    GOOD LUCK, GIRL!!!!!

  14. good luck studying!
    great eats :)
    mm gelato is one of the great things in life

  15. mmm delish food! thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  16. Mmm gelato! I can't wait until summer so I can go to my favorite gelateria.

    Sorry about all that studying... I'm in the same boat with ya!


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