It all adds up!

I was not too hungry this morning, but I had a nanner with about 4 dunks into the PB Jar! haha! Just how I like it! Here's pics of the first two dips!

The Culprit!
After finishing laundry and showering and whatnot, I grabbed a mixed berry smoothie and hit the road..........TO TARGET! <3
At Target, I did a little damage. Well, it could have been worse. I spent about $40 and walked out with only 3 bags! :/ However, $12 flip flops and $7.74 make-up made up about half of it! Man, things add up quickly (mouthwash, tissues, emery boards, food)! Well, I need some black flip flops because (some how) I don't have any and these little babies caught my eyes!
[[[Yea, I have big feet! lol That is one thing Alexa and I share!]]]
The Food:
A snack of sorts....YUM! :D
I just consumed this bar and while it tasted pretty good, it was fairly small and I just could not get used to the astronomicaly long list of ingredients. Looks pretty though!
Later Guys! I need to do a little studying, write a review, clean my room and prepare for tommorrow (aka SCHOOL! yuck!) Only 3 more weeks of school! That is crazy (in a fantastic way!)


  1. Cute flip flops! Love the berry smoothie too.

  2. yeah Bare Naked fruit and nut granola! My absolute favourite :D Love the flip-flops!

  3. I know what you mean! 3 more weeks and it's great! Hahaha, totally love your eats, and dipping your banana is such a great idea!

  4. i do the dunking thing too! so good.

  5. I LOVE buying my sandles from Target! So many colors and so cheap :D

  6. Cute flip flops! (Or THONGS as some people call them lol) That smoothie looks really yummy! I'm not a very successful "dunker" because the banana always breaks! Not cool! Instead I guess I have to settle for being a "slatherer" haha! Sorry the grand total ended up being higher than you'd like, but you got some great stuff!


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