Lights out at the Market (+ 2nd Giveaway!)

Hey Hey! Alexa's B-day "party" was fun! I got my beloved Kevaccino (fat free frozen yogurt, mocha stuff and skim milk for those of you that have been living under a rock....or possibly are just new to my blog! lol). Kristen and I also picked up a helium baloon for the birthday girl! :D I had this bar on my way to get Kristen! I was a hungry hungry hippo!

Dinner = Whole wheat wrap from the Cafeteria with black beans, lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese!
Totally Nutritious & Delicious! :D
My mommy's Easter package! I LOVE PACKAGES! :D
It consisted of an Easter card, Self Magazine, Delia's Catalog, candy, a homemade "april" card (I have one crafty mom!), my mail that has been sent to the house, a cute duckie (I am 5! haha), Mulah $$, and FOOD! (oh and a Tank top I have been looking everywhere for! Turns out, I left it at home over spring break!)
The food! I told my mom to send me limited candy while at school and she respectfully abides by my wishes (too much candy + a tiny room = BAD Idea!). However, easter calls for a chocolate bunny! ;) She also sent me a variety of bars, which are always welcome! Quaker True Delights and Fiber One to be exact!
You can bet that pink tube is now empty! I LOVE mini M&M's (but never buy them for myself!)! :D
I am involved in General Mills' "Pssst....Program" and they sent me a box of their newest Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy Bars and a bazillion coupons! That, my friends, is where you come in! I am going to be giving away 2 coupons to THREE different people! How can you enter?
1) Leave a comment below with your favorite bar. Have you ever tried Fiber One?
2) Post a link on your blog.
3) Add me to your blog roll.
That equals up to 3 entries! Do one or do them all, but just let me know (by comment or email to nutritiousisdelicious(at)yahoo.com)

The contest ends MONDAY Night @ 9pm! I will try to pick my winners Sunday night before hitting the sack!
P.s. Thanks for all of the congrats on my last post!! :D
I just realized I never explained my title....I went to the grocery store to look for Oikos (and justt browse around...because what is more fun than that?!)....and as I was walking up to the door, I noticed that it was dark! Apparently, their electricity went out! So they couldnt check anyone out! BUMMER!


  1. I have never tried Fiber One before. My favorite bar would be the Kashi Dark Chocolate Cherry.

  2. I've only ever tried the Chocolate Fiber One Bars, but am eager to try a PB one! :)

    That wrap looks awesome and tasty!

    SO cute of your Mom! I just got an Easter basket (mucho candy however...a mixed blessing!) today from my Mom too!

    You're already on my Blogroll!!

    Good Luck everyone!

  3. I THOUGHT the Chocolate Fiber One Bars were unsurpassable! HOWEVER once I sank my teeth into the Peanut Butter one...it was love at first bite!

  4. What a sweet package from your mom! Happy easter!

  5. What a fun Easter package!! Gotta love moms :)

  6. I LOVE mommies :) so festive and creative with easter goodies :)

    haha...as for the grocery store, that happened to me one time when i was at walmart, all of a sudden the power just went out and no one could be checked out so they had to close the store for a while! haha. it was great!

  7. i have tried the chocolate one. addictive!

  8. ooo i love giveaways! thanks for hosting a fun one!!!

  9. I've only tried the chocolate flavor, and my husband and I both loved it!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I really have enjoyed reading your posts am excited about the giveaway - I hope I win because I really like F1 Bars - Mocha is my favorite, chocolate and oats is my second and the apple struesel is my third.

    I'm linking back to this post as well for a second entry.

  11. is this only US residents too?

    either way, I love bars! I have never tried fiber 1 bars, and it's really hard to pick an all-time favourite...my current obsession is peanut butter cookie lara bars (LOVE!) but also a huge pureprotein fan, and...CLIF! YEAH!

  12. oops- don't enter me! I can't use the coupons in this country!

  13. My fav is the PB one

  14. this is awesome!
    pick me ;]


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