Hold on tight!!! :O

We are having a massive windstorm today! There were woodchips flying around, sand in your eyes, etc etc.!! Kristen and I saw this older couple walking together and the man was having to hold on tight to his wife! It was so cute!

Anyways, for breakfast this morning I had a Banana (***Shocker***) and a new bar (Always fun!).....I would like to introduce you to Balance BARE Trail Mix Fruit and Nut Bar.
This bar reminds me of a Luna (as you can tell by the looks of it!), but is just a tad more "natural" tasting! Either way, I would reccommend it! :D
We got back our Food Science tests and I got a .....97! yay! After FDSC, Kristen and I walked across campus (more like blew across campus) and met up with Alexa for lunch. I got a delicious stirfry with (let's see if I can remember it all...): Yellow squash, snap peas, carrots, cabbage, green pepper, pineapple (Kristen convinced me and I am glad that she did!), mushrooms and broccoli with a scoop of teriyaki sauce over a bed of rice! Delish!

After lunch, I went to Art class (and almost fell asleep!).
Then, I headed home to wrap Alexa's gift! I am going to pick Kristen up in about 30 minutes and we are headed over to KEVA JUICE for some present opening and yummy drinks! Then Alexa is hitting the road to meet up with her family at her Grandpa's house this weekend!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXA (one day early!)
I think I am going to try to run to the store after dropping Kristen off and hunt down OIKOS!!


  1. That balance bar looks great! I'll have to try one soon :):)

  2. Congrats on your awesome test mark!

  3. Congrats on your grade!! That's fantastic!

  4. YAY congrats on the 97, that's amazing! stay safe in that wind!

  5. I gotta hunt down some oikos too! I have my 4 coupons, but Oikos is a bit hard to come by in DC for some reason...

  6. Eww the weather here sucks too :( rainy and windy :(

    nice work on your test girl!!

  7. Congratulations on the test score!!

  8. thank youuuuuu! :)


    (yes, i'm too lazy to log into my blog account lol!)


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