Hey guys! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers! It means so much.

I met up with my Bio group around Noon and....one of our group members failed to ever show up! My other partner and I consolidated our 2 parts of the project, but we will all have to regroup again sometime before wednesday to practice and put in her part! Owell!

After about 20 minutes at the library, I headed to the Grocery Store and picked up the following:

I had a $2.00 coupon for the South Beach Diet(or Living or whatever! lol) bars! I normally would not purchase this product...but considering it cost me close to $0.50 for 5 bars, I could not turn it down! I will let you know how they taste! I also had a $1.00 off coupon if I bought 4 of those Del Monte Fruit cups! I am such a coupon girl! :D

2 New Products! The chips are delish! I am sure (and hope) the cereal is too!

Lunch (I guess you could call it that?): Im not very hungry but I put a little plate of snacks together for a little something. Garden of Eatin' Mini Corn Chips, a blood orange, a Laughing Cow Cheese and one baby bag of carrots (I have never realized how many carrots are in those little bags until I dumped one out! :D )

Edited to add: the orange was on it's last leg and after about half I threw it out for an apple!

I am going to a paint-your-own-pottery type place with Kristen and her mom around 4! Until then....who knows?!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. painting pottery places are so fun- have a great afternoon!

    I secretely love the south beach cinnamon raisin cereal bars. I was reluctant to try them, but they are really good!

  2. I went to a paint you own pottery place the other day! have a good time!!

  3. paint your own pottery place? sounds like a blast :)

  4. Ew I hate when group members do that! Love the tasting plate :)

  5. I've never seen that cereal before. I'll be interesting to hear if it's any good!

    have fun at pottery!

  6. Oh wow, super delicious finds!
    Love your two new products!

  7. I love seeing grocery store eats! Have fun doing the pottery - I love crafty stuff.

  8. I am SO sorry to hear about your Uncle my dear. I am with ya on being open about your faith...tell the world if you need to! :)

    I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!


  9. I just read your post about your uncle passing away. I am so unbelievably sorry for your family's loss..what a horrible tragedy =(

    I know that you're worried about your uncle because you aren't sure about his faith, but I think as long as YOU have faith and love for your uncle, everything will be ok. Just believe that God is kind, and your uncle is in good hands. I'm so sorry that your family is going through this right now.

    I'm glad that you got yourself out to the store to get some good food and some great deals! Hooray for coupons!

    Happy Easter


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