Re-E-P..We Reppin' it!....

PUMP IT! Got me through the last 5 minutes of my workout this morning! It was a good one!
  • 2 Minute Warm-up (I hate Warm-ups because by the time I reach 30:00.....I havent actually ran for 30 Minutes~! BOO!)

  • 28 Minute Run! (Stupid Warm-up! haha)

  • 10 Minute Cool-Down (These I like! :D )

It was awesome! After my workout, I came home to to get ready and ran downstairs to grab a smoothie. Today, the guy making my smoothie put in 1/2c peaches and 1/2 cup sliced bananas, 3/4 cup skim milk, ice and then asked me if/what variety of juice I wanted. The juice is not fruit juice, but basically sugary syrups and I had never been given the option (I think it was because I got a wierd fruit combo and he wasnt sure which juice to use)....So I decided to try without the juice! It was refreshing, but I think the juice really makes it extra special, so I won't skip it next time! Sorry for the bad picture! I had no time to stop somewhere pretty and snap a pic!

After Food Science (BTW, we got our tests back and I got an A++!....yay!), we went to the cafeteria to eat and ....DUN DUN DUN.......The Return of the Black Bean Tacos! Under that pile of lettuce (I always ask for lots so I can make a little taco salad half way through!) are black beans and tomatoes gracing 2 hard shell tacos. I skipped the cheese today for no particular reason!

Then I went to the library to attempt to study...SNOOZE! I did have some yummy dried fruit to accompany me....And after eating one banana slice, I remembered why I don't like them (There is just something about the taste and texture that I don't care for!)Alexa and I decided to meet back up and grab some gelato! :D Cookies & Cream Gelato in a Cake Cone! Worth every $2.15 of it!

Then we attempted to study (again); but after about an hour, she had to go to class and I decided to come home. After blogging, I am going to watch Gilmore Girls and try to review over some notes! I am munching on this right now:

**1/4 cup Bear Naked Trail Mix Granola**

Tonight is ONE GUY's Pizza (granted we don't have another tornado threat that decides otherwise!)!!
I drink one of these MAMA's just about every day! (in addition to whatever else I may be drinking!....Just a fun fact!)

I just had a bit more Dried Fruit (minus the bananas!) AND a FF Yogurt!

GIVEAWAYS: http://smmuconn.blogspot.com/2009/04/on-road-snacks-and-contest.html




  1. Glad you got your black bean tacos ;) Congrats on the A++!!

  2. oooooohhh taco!!! love love love!

  3. Glad you got your tacos, smoothie and gelato today!
    Love always,

  4. HOLY GIVEAWAYS! Haha! That gelato looks ahhh-mazing. I'm sure all of your eats today made up for the black bean taco fiasco yesterday :)

    Have a great night girl!

    love, Meg

  5. First off...i didnt get a chance to comment on your last post but that brownie looks TO DIE FOR!!! (dont hate on the old school erasers..i loved those things!!!!)

    congrats on your A plus on the test girl! thats awesome!!! and also, nice job on your workout!! i really really want to taste this one guys pizza that you're ALWAYZ talking about!! Have a great night!!

  6. I'm not a fan of dried bananas either, but every now and then I'll think "hmm, maybe I'll like them this time, they sound good!" and I'm always disappointed! Lol! I'm glad you got a great workout in and I hope you have a wonderful night complete with Rory and Lorelai!


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