So....last night I ate this mediocre dish (click here)..seriously....1 on a scale of 10! But I was hungry.....

Then I continued studying ....with Stacy's Pita Chips......next thing I knew my hand was reaching into an empty bag! HUH?! I just bought these earlier today! eeeeeeeek! So I ate 6 servings in one day! That's sad! And then I had a tummy ache! But eating all of that in one day is not going to immediately make me fat! (lol....duh) and I think it was God's way of telling me to FOCUS on my body, my eating and my health this week as well as my classes!

Here's the deal, I will be home in about one week and away from all of this junky food and back to fresh food and cooking! I haven't cooked in so long and I do not want to fall into eating packaged food this summer....I want to cook the heck out of these 3 months of summer before I am back at school.....kitchen-less! SO this week I am going to focus on my eating. Eating salads, wraps, yogurt, fruit...as close to what I would normally eat at home as possible! That way when I head home, I will be fully prepared to eat fresh! :D I am excited and expect my next 9 or so posts to be nutritious and delicious!

I WANTED to start out my "Nutritious and Delicious Focus Week" by going to the gym at 7AM before my class..but I was ....well woken up last night by my roomie at like 1AM and lost an hour or so of sleep.....I needed that sleep! I did take the stairs up to my room (lets just say it's WAAAY up there) and my thighs felt it!
(let me apologize in advance for the lack of pics...I was off my blogger game today! haha.....and I could write so much more, but I guess I need to study for my Art Test Tommorrow.......whooops!):
Dannon Light And Fit (The only thing my school offers......meh)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar
Little bag of Kashi's
Salad with Hard Boiled Egg

Apple (so juicy....it was rockin!)

Quaker Oatmeal Squares (about 3/4 cup)

A Fiber One Bar (just ate that b/c my never ending stomach was grumbling!).....

How am I not 500 Pounds?! LOL No complaining! ;)


  1. Kashi comes in little bags?! WHHAAAA!!!
    I need to come to the United States.

  2. I remember being frustrated too when I lived in a dorm too, being kitchenless is tough!

  3. I was off my game with the pictures today too, it's ok. You did better than I did. :)

  4. You gotta do whatchya gotta do, girl. it must be tough living without a kitchen..and believe me..if i were in that position...i WOULD weigh 500 lbs hahaah. just a few more days girl! just hang in there!

  5. Hey Sweetie!

    I've heard those chips are like crack. But I've never tried them myself.

    I'm looking forward to the summer for lots of cooking as well! Your next 9 posts sound like tons of yummy fun.

    Have a good week sweetie!

    With Love,


  6. I'm glad you'll be back with a kitchen and access to fresh food soon, but cmon, it's not like you eat unhealthily now! Even under the stress of finals and having to live w/o being able to really COOK, you put your nutrition/food science mind to work! How rude of your roomie to wake you up last night, bummer!

  7. That scenario with the pitas has happened to me too. But normally, I'm dipping into bags of lollies during exams.. so don't be too hard on yourself!

    Your egg salad look great, as does your Keva juice!

  8. lack of kitchen is not fun- I dealt with that last summer and ended up living off cereal/yogurt/fruit combinations!

    good luck with your test!

  9. almost there got a week left then its cook cook cook cooking time!!!!! Gotta teach me yoda how to whip up some healthy meals :)

  10. blah, i do NOT miss the dorm life...those kashi bags are the cutest! and i totally know what you mean about those pita chips...they are SOOO addicting, i have never not finished the entire bag in one sitting (which is why i dont buy them any more). good luck studying and focusing!

  11. Stacy's pita chips are killer!! They're just SO good! 6 servings?! Yeah right, they lie ;)

  12. That drink looks great! Those pita chips deadly addicting

  13. I still can't understand how you can live without a kitchen. I would totally DIE! enjoy your 3 months cooking the hell out! what recipes do you have in mind? you must be so excited, yeah?

  14. Oh those pita chips are dangerous in my house, and 6 servings is probably how much I would eat if I had a bag of them!
    good luck with all your studying!


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