Cure your Coffee Addiction

Are you intrigued? Well, I managed to get out of bed this morning at 7:15 (15 minutes later than planned, but Hey....it was supposed to be my day to sleep in)! Anyways, I went to the gym and did a quick 2 minute warm-up (no time to make it any longer) and managed to run for 22 minutes straight! Whoop! Now, I know I should have gone to 25 and I wish I would have, but honestly, my body was about to stop straight in it's tracks and fly off the treadmill (haha that'd be funny!), so I stopped! 2 minutes longer than my last run though! ;)
My title?! Well, I have decided that running in the mornings is so invigorating that you do not even need coffee! haha I know not everyone agrees, but it works for me! Therefore, I started off the morning with some Simply Lemonade with Raspberry and a banana that was screaming...." EAT ME!" The Simply Lemonade was only 11% Juice, so not something I would consume daily or anything!
Lunch was a refreshing salad with romaine, spinach, an egg, sunflower seeds, broccoli and carrots with a small drizzlee of light ranch! Perfect-o!
Snackies (My body was SCREAMING for carbs!) A baggies of Annies Cinnabunnies and Honey Roasted Peanuts (awesome combo!) and a True Delights Bar.
Look at that luciousness! However, (even though the name is "Chocolate Raspberry Almond" Bar) I only found ONE Almond.....which is my favorite nut....and it made me sad!

SOOOOOOOO I rectified my issues with some Almond M&M's (like my train of thought? I do! lol)
And What is in store for dinner you may ask? Well lookie here:

I need to go study for my BIO test (which is tommorrow)! Alexa is picking me up at 6 to go play some ping pong.....then dinner.....then church! I hope to check up on blogs tommorrow!!

EDITED: NO PIZZA TONIGHT! There was a thunderstorm warning/watch and all of my complex ended up in the basement. Long story short, we didnt think we could get out and about, so I munched on Kashi Crackers with PB&Co., fruit, cheese stick, carrots and CHERRIOS!! :D


That should lift your spirits!



Stef gof it right! GILMORE GIRLS! Come on now peeps!

And Lex got it right too, but she doesnt count! hahah


  1. I was never a morning runner, but I do agree that cardio activity is a big energy booster! Glad it works for you! I just don't think I could give up my coffee. Great eats, as usual! Especially that slice of pizza! Those veggies are awesome! ! ! ! I love mushrooms on pizza. And olives too. Well, basically any veggie on top of a pizza is fine with me (I've had artichoke hearts on top of a pizza before!)

    Have a great Thursday and Friday!

  2. SO glad tomorrow is Friday : ) : )

  3. Ahh I used to looove doing cardio in the AM! Lovin' the eats - I've never seen almond M&M's before! Almonds are amazing on their own, but covered in chocolate and candy?! Even better!

    LOVE, Meg

  4. Morning workouts are the way to go! Good luck on your Bio test tomorrow!!

  5. Good luck on your bio test - my fav subject ;)

  6. That's funny that you have a place called "One guys" because we have a burger placed called "Five Guys" in DC!

  7. WHOA, that quaker bar... mmmm, and almond M&Ms?? That's it! I'm going to the store! LOL

  8. Hahaha yay for me! Sad that I know your tv habits? I think not! I'm totally with you on the no-coffee needed theory when it comes to morning exercise! I actually haven't had a morning workout in SO LONG (a couple years?) but I absolutely love that energy, it's a great way to start the day! SO tacky, I rhymed. Bummer about the missing almonds! I hate when bars gets stingy like that. Good thing you made up for it with some almond M&Ms! Sorry you didn't get to enjoy your pizza, but your basement eats sounded yummy too! You guys have to huddle in the basement during a thunderstorm? Crazy! In California we don't even have basements!

  9. friday can be pizza day!!!

  10. Thankfully, I've never been "addicted" to coffee. I drank it regularly for a couple of months while working in an office just because I got used to the flavor and everyone else was drinking it so I kind of adapted or was affected by my co-workers. I would get a latte almost every day but didn't usually drink coffee during the weekends or anything. Then I realized I didn't need it, so I stopped drinking it completely and shifted to drinking a ton of green tea instead. That was more than two years ago. I've had a latte here or there since just as something special or just for fun but it's still nothing I feel like I need. Good for you using running as your energy-boost instead of coffee! :)

  11. I for sure have a peanut M&M addiction! It's strange cuz i prefer almonds by themsevles, but inside an m&m, it's beauty is just so masked by the chocolate flavor! hahaha

    OH man, good thing I've never been addicted to coffee. It's too bitter for me!!


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