Test of Time

Howdy! (Was that enough Texan for you!?!) Today has been pretty good so far! My biology test went surprisingly well, so that's good. I was going to hit up the gym later but I think Alexa and I are just going to hang! I am going tommorrow morning though for another ENERGETIC fix!


Breakfast! By the way this banana stood the test of time (although that is not what my title is about! lol). I also had an unpictured & unsweetened iced tea! So refreshing!

I am really not addicted to coffee as my previous post might have implied! I just know how energizing it can be and I think running can do the same (for me! People vary of course!).South Beach Mocha Fiber Fit! Pretty good (minus the few hard bits, probably attributed to the soy protein isolate or something)....However, a bit too high in saturated fat for me?! Owell....When a whole box of something costs you $0.50 you make do! ;)
Look what came hurling across the room today!! As one of my fellow students would put it "It's brownie day!" haha Everyone who gets an A on the test gets one. Of course I had to try a little corner to make sure it was good! :) The rest went into the freezer for another time!!

Friday Sammies!! This baby was FULL of turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, black olives and honey mustard. After eating this mammoth and drinking a water bottle, I was stuffed to the brim!

****Gilmore Girl's, Keva and Reading Blogs! Does it get any better?!****
Tonight Alexa and I are going to see Knowing and State of Play. I will be bringing snackies to the movies! :D Have you seen either one? What's the verdict?

Quote of the day (which makes it sound like I do one every day or something) from my Chemistry Prof as we were starting our review for the final...... (made me laugh! lol)

"There is lots of information that has been crammed into heads for tests that have not survived the test of time!"


For those who use Blogger.....why do my paragraphs get scrunched together.....even though I put spaces inbetween paragraphs, when I click "Publish Post" and look at it, they have all been squished together so I have to put these *annoying asteriks* inbetween them. I really need to switch to wordpress or something this summer when I have more time to figure it all out!

Giveaway?! Check it out!!

ANOTHER Giveaway!

Pre-Movie Snack! LOVE these! First time to have papaya! (which is sad, I know!).


  1. Oh wow, sooo delicious! Mmmmmm, that sandwich looks great!!!!!!!!

  2. Oooohh that mocha bar looks great! Hope it was enjoyable :)

  3. yummy yum yum! hope you have a great time at the movies, i haven't seen or heard much about either!

  4. Love grilled sandwiches!! Wordpress is REALLY user friendly!

  5. I TOTALLY feel ya on the whole 'word smooshing' that blogger does! It definitely frustrates the hell out of me! I've been thinking about switching lately, too.

    Amen for those bars only costing 50 cents for a box! Deals are def. your forte :) love it!

    I hope you enjoy the movies, and the start of the weekend, it's FINALLY Friday! Hoooraayy!

    LOVE, Meg :)

  6. I actually prefer slightly overripe bananas- they're much sweeter!

  7. I could never show such restraint and only have a corner of a brownie...mm, brownies! I switched to wordpress and love it so much more than blogger.

  8. I like that quote! I'm not sure if I'd trust brownies thrown at me during class, but I'm sure they're yummy lol! Does your prof bring them? Nice! Sorry I have no helpful info about Blogger..I'm such a noob I have problems with the format all the time! Have fun at the movies!

  9. that sandwhich looks soooo good!
    have a great weekend :)

  10. i adore gilmore girls :)
    Delicious Sandwich!

  11. Hooray for an A! A free brownie is quite the incentive to do well in school... maybe I should tell the English department to introduce that plan.

    I haven't had dried papaya since I was little! YUM.


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