8 things and a Farm Treat!

What day is it? Just checking......

This morning after taking a shower and straightening my hair I grabbed a Banana and about 1/4cup of Bear Naked Trail Mix Granola and headed to Food Science a bit early to study for my test! In the end, I think I did really well! :D

Veggie Pizza made an appearance for lunch.....I took off about half of that cheese...way too much! After lunch (and Art...snooze!), I met up with my Biology group to FINALLY do our presentation. However, "the girl" failed to show up (again), so our teacher told us to just do it on our own and she would get a zero (I hope she's ok though?!)! Good thing is....we got a 100! So even though it took so much longer than it should have to finally get to present, it ended well (For Travis and I anyways!).
OIKOS ....I just consumed my first container of OIKOS ever and I am in love. I tried the vanilla flavor (Thanks to the wonderful people over at StonyField Farm! :D ). It costs $1.35 at Walmart, but you know what...I think it is WORTH it! As I was mixing it up, it looked like whipped cream and after my first bite, I was hooked. SOOOO creamy. The only ingredients in this stellar yogurt is Organic Nonfat Milk, Organic Sugar and Organic Natural Vanilla Flavor. The flavor is not quite as sweet as I am used too, which is refreshing and it is also a little bit tart!I know I am kind of behind here and most of you have tried Greek Yogurt before; but if you haven't, let me be the 38475 person to tell you "You Should!".
I have a few more free coupons and then I will be adjusting my shopping list to make room for this creamy treat!

I also just ate about 1 cup of Honey Nut Cherrios and am about to hunker down with some Chemistry Lab Notes (My final is tommorrow night) and Gilmore Girls!

I am off to the gym at 6! I was going to go this morning but when my alarm went off at 7, that extra hour of sleep was just too appealing! ;)

What goes around comes around....and after seeing it on so many blogs out there, it's my turn:

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. Summer (aka Finishing Exams!) and Going home to see my Family (And PUPS!)
  2. Going to Kansas for my cousin's Baby Shower in August
  3. A Challening Run
  4. Getting my Final Grades
  5. My Next Kevaccino
  6. Having My OWN room next year at school
  7. Becoming A Product Developer for....Kashi? StonyField Farm? Annies? Amy's? :D

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Finished the longest Chem lab ever entitled: "Equilibrium Between Two Coordination Complexes of Co2+ in Solution" (That's for you K!)
  2. Went to Keva Juice (where every employee knows my order!) :D
  3. Bought Highlighters at CVS (I go through more highlighters than....)
  4. Changed my name to Shane (lol!...just kidding....sort of...)
  5. Ate Cereal.....duh
  6. Filled Out an Evaluation for My Political Science Class
  7. Dropped a huge water bottle on the floor
  8. Stressed Myself Out

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. A backflip (Without a Trampoline)
  2. Own a Keva Juice While Attending School (Hello FREE Keva.....everyday!)
  3. Skip all Writing/English Related Classes
  4. Win The Lottery
  5. Bake and Cook! (2 more weeks!)
  6. Have a Freeway, Highway or something named after me!
  7. Run longer than 25 minutes
  8. Update the Blog (One of These Days!)

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. GILMORE GIRLS (enough said!)
  2. Unwrapped
  3. Iron Chef America
  4. Food Network Challenge
  5. King of Queens
  6. Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent (Depends on the Season!)
  7. Full House
  8. What Not to Wear

Im supposed to tag 8 people:

  1. Kath
  2. Jenna
  3. Alexa
  4. Michelle
  5. Kelsey
  6. Anna
  7. Taylor
  8. Katie

If you have already been tagged.....my bad! And if you haven't......hop on it! :D


FREE BARNEY BUTTER SAMPLE!! I finally get to try it!


  1. I wish I'd been around at lunch. I could have helped you with the extra cheese... :-)

  2. Oh wow, everything looks so good. I love Bear Naked Granola, and pizza... YUM!!!

  3. Great veggie pizza! I enjoyed reading your 8 things lists :)

  4. I love your 8 things list! Being a product developer for any of those companies would be SOOOO cool! Congrats on your project, sucks for the missing girl I hope she's ok too! Have fun at the gym =)

  5. Haha I'd like to win the lottery too!

  6. I just signed up for my Barney Butter sample too and am very excited to try it!! : )

  7. Way to go on the 100!! Fabulous lists as well!

    That wasn't our lab but it does sound like it sucks - ours was qualitative analysis of common anions. The only fun part was playing with the centrifuge!


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