A Day in the Life of.....

A snacky girl!

My Wednesday morning started out with a juicy Gala Apple and a trek across campus.

And to keep me awake during POLS....a delicious smelling (and tasting) Fiber One Bar!
After Chemistry, I headed to the Student Union to finalize/practice for my Biology presentation later on. I munched on this bad boy along the way!
While I was in the computer lab, I enjoyed my inventive combo of Honey Roasted Peanuts and Annie's Cinnabunnies! :D
During my BIO lecture, I had about 1/4 cup of Bear Naked Trail Mix Granola~ Another Nutritious and (very) delicious snack!
So our partner did not show up in BIO lab today. She emailed my teacher 3 minutes before the class and told her she was sick (responsible?!). Our teacher was very nice and told us we could come in to make it up Friday or Monday. Let's hope our group can get a hold of her to set up a time! I also hope she feels better~

I caught up with Alexa and grabbed a salad after watching everyone else present their presentations. I needed some greens!

However, I also needed some chocolate~ :) Kristen and I ventured over to the gelato shop and grabbed a 93% fat free scoop of happiness. I tried the chocolate and found a hershey's kiss buried in the middle of the scoop! Delightful surprise!

After saying goodbye to Kristen, I went to an office in the Student Union to talk with a very nice lady who talked to me about the scholarship I was offered. Apparently there were 600 entries and only about 57 people selected! I feel so blessed.

Then I ran home to change and now Im off to the gym! Don't worry my day is not over yet and I will finish this post when I get back from din! Tata for now!

It's a Fiesta! Why has it taken me so long to order these babies! Black Bean Tacos! :D

Yogurt! I stillllll can't find Oikos, but if worse comes to worse I KNOW that we have it back home! And I will be going home in less than 3 weeks! :D **big smile**

Two Whole Foods 365 Sandwich Cookies

An adorable homemade card from my aunt! Love her!!! <3
I forgot to turn it....so follow these directions....."tilt head to right"! ;)I may or may not have just dunked my hand into the candy jar (AKA Honey Nut Cherrios Box) for a little study fuel!
Time to get to know my BIOLOGY book! ;)

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  1. Lovely eats today!! I need to try those fiber one bars... do they have HFCS in them or partially hydrogenated oils?

  2. Lovely eats today!! I need to try those fiber one bars... do they have HFCS in them or partially hydrogenated oils?

  3. Congrats on being selected! Sorry about your bio lab partner, that's one of my pet peeves about working with other people!

  4. Oh wow, super yummy! Totally love everything.
    And gala apples are THE BEST, second to granny smith! ;D Hahaha, and mmmmm gelato! =D loving it!

    And look at you go, great job with the scholarship!!!

  5. WOW CONGRATS on the scholarship :) That's amazing & so are you & your snackies!

  6. I too am a snacker. those cookies look great from whole foods.

  7. Let's guess... Gilmore Girls!!

    Cute card too! Yay for aunts :)

    -Lex (I literally JUST logged off of blogger so I don't feel like logging back in..hahahaha one of these days!)

  8. It sounds like you had a pretty great day! I think I spot something ABC family on your tv, Gilmore Girls? Knowing you..it is! lol! CONGRATS about your scholarship, that is big news! Sorry your bio partner flaked, I hope she feels better and that you get your stuff done with! At least your teacher seems easy-going about it. Yay for finding a sneaky Hershey's Kiss, lovely surprise!

  9. Great eats today! I love those tacos they look delicious!
    And that gelato looks perfect!


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