If He brings you to it, He'll bring you through it!

I am THROUGH with my CHEM and FDSC test! :D I think I got an A on my FDSC test.....CHEM is another story! I don't really know what I got (Hoping for an A....but think I got a B). Whatever, it's over, so let's move on!

Before I show you 293789 pics from the past 3 or so days, let me tell you a FUNNY STORY! You may laugh...BUT I was not laughing.....(lol)

Let me precursor this story with the fact that I wake up every MWF around 6:30 (glorious, right?). Last night (while studying for Chemistry), I accidentally unplugged our fridge/TV/printer because the cord is shoved right next to the wall by my desk (the joys of living in a 2X2 ft dorm...)....long story short: I had to reset the time on the microwave.
On to the story.....My roomie and I went to bed last night around Midnight (I think I probably fell asleep around 12:20ish). I then woke up and saw that my alarm clock was at the "30" and I needed to get up. So out of bed I went, I put on my towel wrap, walked to/took a shower, came back and looked at the wall clock above my bed: the second hand was between the "50" and "55" (which means I am doing well time-wise). I then proceeded to do my make-up, blow dry my hair, get dressed and decided to look at the microwave (easiest clock to see in the dark) and saw that it said "2:20". I must have set it wrong by accident last night. I looked at my watch: "2:20". I ran to my phone "2:20". I stood in the middle of my room in the "almost dark" just thinking and pondering "WHAT THE HECK". I couldn't believe my eyes. The fact that it was 2:20 means that I woke up at 1:30 (only about one hour after falling asleep). And I must have waken up on my own because my alarm was set for the right time. AND It is REALLY wierd that I happened to randomly wake up on a "30". Moral of the story: DONT (no matter how tired you may be) simply rely on the second hand (or minutes part) of a clock to gauge your time. I was so embarassed and said "Im Sorry" to my roomie as many times as possible (though the poor thing claims that she only woke up for a sec and simply thought I was going to the restroom!). Uh, I feel so bad and so stupid! I wasn't even tired when I laid back down in my bed at 2:30......but I did fall asleep around 4! I think this week has left me frazzled!
Ok onto the eats! I am going to keep it short because of that book up there^^!
Breakfast at the little Health Food Store around here! This place is Alexa & I's new addiction (Affordable and DELISH!)!
I requested an egg white omelet (though it was not on the menu, they gladly honored my request....and successfully!).

Turkey, advocado, tomato & Jack Cheese! It was so good, I couldn't stop taking pics!! :D
Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips (Stacy's Pita Chips are my weakness so I barely ever buy a big bag....I did tempt Alexa into buying them and giving me a bag....now she is addicted! lol!)
PBJ & APPLE & BANANA (there were a few of these consumed since I last "saw" you guys!)
Yum! A treat I picked up at the Health Food Store (on sale!).
Study Fuel!
The Health Food Store again! I got Minestrone Soup! It was nothing short of what I expected!
Alexa got the Nachos! One of OUR favorites! MMMM!
I used to hate raw broccoli (love the cooked stuff) UNLESS it was covered in hummus (YUM!).....Apparently, Laughing Cow achieves the same effect.
I consumed this snack MORE than once! :)
I got a brownie thrown at my head again in Chem for asking a ? (no complaining here!). I split it in half (it was so dense that 1/2 of it was satisfying) and divided it between 2 days!

An All Natural Apple Cinnamon Cereal Bar
I had a few of these! (Fast fuel!)
TIRAMISU GELATO ( I got another cup today! nummmm!)

This is what stress/studying does to you. I am officially (and thankfully) burnt out on Chex Mix!

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal (Courtesy of Alexa, who did not care for it!).
Everyone knows that I love every and all cereals! PERIOD!
The other half of the delectable brownie!
Snackies today!
I also got a Sammie from the Boar's Head Sandwich shop on campus today and that was delish! Obviously this is not everything I ate, but it is alot of it! I plan on getting back into my running routine tommorrow! No more tests until next Friday! :D I am also running low on Food (***gasp***) and need to run to the store and stock up on HEALTHY EATS!
Have an awesome Thursday!
And PLEASE...for the sake of your roommates, family, friends, spouse.....DONT wake up and get ready at 2 in the morning! Look at that hour hand!

P.s. Regular blogging will commence tommorrow! YAY!


  1. I love all your eats- definitely gives mr more study snack ideas!!

  2. I've totally done that before!! I know how it feels

  3. great job getting through your tests! food looks beyond delisious as usual. great advice- enjoy the rest of your week xxx

  4. great job on the tests! i have done the same thing before- gotten up and gotten ready before realizing I didn't need to be up. Love your eats!

  5. Hahah oh no!! That's funny!

    What a delish omelet!! I'm sure you rocked your Chem exam!

  6. Your waking-up-at-2-am story definitely made me chuckle.
    You're crazy!

    Anywho, awesome "eats" I guess is the word. LOVE those nachos! Eat a bunch for me this weekend!! :)

  7. YAYYY for being done.
    haha i will take your advice :)

    breakfast looks great!

  8. LOL that story had me cracking up!!

    I can't say I've done that before, but I wouldn't put it past myself!

    Well, at least you were showered and dressed for the morning already! :)



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