Look What's Showing on the Early Show!

Since my 9AM got cancelled today, I skipped my 8AM (whoops!) and went to the gym:

  • 5 Minute Warm-Up

  • 10 minute Run (I was just NOT feeling it today..and I was on some old school treadmill)

  • 10 minutes at a 7 (out of 10) incline (Whooosh! That is a good workout!)

  • 15 minutes cool-down (I was watching the Early Show and they were interviewing the college FootBall Players that are up for the draft this weekend! THAT (ladies) will definitely keep you going! ;)

Then I headed home, devoured a BANANA and got ready! Now it is a little past 10 (HELLO GILMORE GIRLS! :D), so I had time to pick up some breakfast and blog before my 11AM class! What a relaxing morning!

Balance Pure Chocolate Cashew Bar and Pearl Vanilla Soymilk (this soymilk is okay...not the best....would be better in cereal or something.....However, it is all my school offers, so take it or leave it!)

Warning: I heated the Balance Bar for 15 seconds and it got semi-tough! Sure it was warm and tasty, but it did lose a bit of it's textural goodness! Then again, it might have been worth it?! Yum! Combine a hot, chocolate bar with vanilla-y soy milk and I felt like I was having dessert for breakfast! :D

Well time for Biology and then I am meeting Kristen and Alexa for lunch at 1! After lunch I plan on getting some studying done and then........................?!?!

Have a Fabulous FRIDAY!


  1. I never knew that Kikkoman did have soy milk to begin with.

  2. I love balance bars and can't wait to try the Pure ones when I am back in the US!

    Have a great day :)

  3. ha, I think it's just like a rule that if your class after your earliest is cancelled you aren't allowed to go to your earliest! ; )

  4. Happy Friday! Good luck studying!

  5. I was really surprised about that Balance Bar - I actually LOVE their new 'Pure' line, my fave would have to be the Cherry Pecan...but that one definitely comes in a close second :) very chocolatey! Kinda reminded me of an overdry brownie, but it was still really good! Haha!

    Hooray for skipping class and heading to the gym - that's the way to do it towards the end of the year ;)

    Enjoy your Friday and Gilmore Girls!

    Love, Meg

  6. haha if i saw football players on TV I would definitely stay on the treadmill longer!!!

    When is your school done classes?!?!?! It seems so late, we were done (exams) about a week ago, but maybe we started earlier

  7. Hellooooo football players ;) Have a great Friday!

  8. YOU have a fab Friday girl.. Thanks for the microwave advice. Glad you had a good workout this morning instead of class! Ha!

  9. never had one of these bars before. So glad your class canceled and you were able to get a good work out in. Have a great weekend.


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