One Day at a Time!

I have a major Food Science test on Tuesday that needs to be studied for (big time), I need to do a make-up presentation before the deadline on Wednesday and our group cannot make a DECISION!, I am feeling slightly achey/not my best (:/), and I am overly stressed....
How's your day been? lol

Ok this will be a quick post of my eats today! Ready!?
Before Church.......
After Church....It was not as good as last time so I only ate 2/3 the omelet (egg whites, advocado, turkey, tomato and jack cheese) and about 1/2 the chips!
Brownie in a Box
About 1/4 cup Bear Naked Trail Mix Granola (YUM!)
I was SOO tired that I took a nap from 1-2 and when I woke up I felt even MORE tired!
THAT is why I don't take naps! That always happens!
Anyways, I had alot of studying to do and NO energy, so I bought a little bowl of Froot Loops and a Diet Coke......meh!

Apple and FDSC notes!! aahhhh!
Then Alexa and I decided (who are we kidding) and went to Keva Juice! YUM The Kevaccino ALWAYS brightens my day! I don't know if I have mentioned this, but you get a free "Energizer" and I usually get Vita-Gizer or Stress Relief! They are simply a mix of vitamins and minerals!
PB& Co Cinnamon Raisin with Blueberry and Cherry Preserves on WW bread! Perfecto!
Some Cereal May follow! It's my comfort food when I don't feel good (or when I do! lol)

News on the Horizon:
1. I was graciously offered a chance to try out MyWayCereal.com (Thanks Sami!). However, my dorm address was not working, so they had to send it to my house. SOOO that is a review to look forward to! I created a tasty and healthy mix that you won't want to miss out on! It was very fun and may become a regular thing!
2. My little Gem I got at WalMart yesterday......OIKOS! I found them! Since we made a spontaneous trip to Keva today, I want to save my OIKOS for later in the week, but look forward to that review! (Thanks to the people over at Stonyfield Farm !!)

Just a note for the next 2 weeks:
I am not trying to cover anything up or make anything look better than it is. For Example, Froot Loops are not something I would tout as healthy, but sometimes stressful times call for desperate measures (like my twist on that old saying!? haha). I am going to keep the blog in mind and while I am STRESSING OUT these next two weeks of school/finals, I am going to try to focus on healthy eating and working out (esp. Tues and Thursday Morning when I dont start school at 8AM! Love those Morning Workouts!). Not only will this make me feel better inside, but hopefully it will keep me from getting sick (which happens to many people when they let stress get the best of them!). Give me some encouragement and be sure to keep me in check guys! ;) Good news is that when I get home, I will have a brand new oven, big fridge, kitchen and will get some good cookin' meals going! :D
(I found a link to Anni Phyo's RAW DONUT HOLES I have been seeing on sooo many blogs! Check out this cool blog and see the video! Now I can make them when I get home!)
See you all tommorrow! Let's just take this one day at a time! <3


  1. Hope school isn't too stressful the next few weeks... Finals stress me out so much!

  2. Good luck on your tests!

    I haven't heard about that cereal yet, it must be new??

    I'll have to check it out!

  3. You're definitely in my thoughts! I know exams and such are so so soo ridiculously stressful. I'm sure you'll do just fine though :) I also find that naps make me even more tired. Ugh...so wierd, ya know?

    That MyMixCereal site looks so cool! I kinda wanna try it, haha!

    Enjoy your Sunday evening!

    Love, Meg

  4. I know you can get through this! Before you know it, these two weeks will be done!!! =D

  5. I WISH I could take naps!! I can never get my brain to "shut off." Good luck with your upcoming week :)

  6. Good luck with your big test!!!

  7. I'm so glad you were able to find OIKOS! I love it so much. Can't wait to hear your review. I hope you feel better soon. Cereal is like a comforting food for me too - I love it with milk or yogurt. MmMmM. I agree with you, let's take one day at a time.

  8. one day at a time... i'm right there with ya as this semester comes to an end! so much work, so little time it seems.

    Naps screw me up too!

  9. Hey there! Good luck with finals! I become an eating machine during that time of year - study = stress = food. So i understand where you are coming from! What I find helpful is eating one 'healthy' snack for every 'slightly-less-healthy' snack. That way I feel like I'm getting some balance.

    What's a Kevaccino? Is it a juice or a smoothie? You guys have all these awesome foods that I cant get here... so jealous!

  10. Good luck with your tests girl, Im sure that you will do great.

    When I was in highschool my boyfriend worked at Keva Juice and we used to go there all the time. I havent been there since then though, but it used to be a fun place to hang out! haha.

    Hope your having a great day!! :)

  11. Good luck with all your tests! You'll do great!

    Thanks for the link to the raw donut holes. I've been seeing those all over, too, and am dying to make them!

  12. good luck with finals!

    I don't think there is anything wrong with a serving of fruit loops now and again in an otherwise healthy diet :)

  13. Hope everything went okay with your group!
    sounds like these next couple weeks are going to be tough for you! Good luck!

  14. Thanks for the comment on my blog, and good luck with your tests. Even the most health eaters get busy and have to eat fruit loops sometimes...:)

  15. Of course we understand!! Everyone gets stressed out and deals with it in different ways! You eat healthy girl, enjoy those indulgences sometimes! ;)

    Good luck!


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