Throw some straberries in there....

Only One more FINAL LEFT! :D I am so pschyed and time is just flying by! I can't decided if it is good or bad! My first year of college is almost over (WHAT?!), but I am so ready to go home for the summer! Enough talking...I have 3 days of eats to cover! Hang on to your hats, folks! ;)


I started off the morning with a little baggies of nuts that I got free from Miss Alexa. My first response was...."Where can I BUY THESE??!"....They are pretty darn awesome!

Have you ever seen them before?! Where did you buy them?! haha

Remember those Hannah Montana Fruit Snacks I had a while back.....they had the same "Pomegranate Chip" things mixed in...but these were jelly flavored! :D

These pics are a little out of order...owell....that can be fun sometimes!...Or annoying!?

THEN....(dun dun dun)......KEVA JUICE! I got a Kevaccino (fat free frozen yogurt, vitamin powder stuff, chocolate mocha flavoring, skim milk, ice)....AND STRAWBERRRIES! That's right...Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Delish! Jealous, much? You probably should be!

Lunch was the usual Friday sammie....on Wednesday....that's how we roll during finals! I couldn't tell you what today was if I hadnt just finished my Bio Test Earlier....it went pretty well!?

And then.....I rolled on over to the Gelato place for some Tiramisu in a Cake Cone.....Oh yes I did! Two creamy treats in one day?! It's finals! phaha That's my excuse for everything this week (and next!....UNTIL TUESDAY! :D )

CARBS CARBS CARBS! With a little Food Science notes mixed in! So glad that study intensive class is over! Though I enjoyed every minute of it!

Dinner was this amazing rice bowl! I would find the most amazing and filling (literally, I couldn't walk it was so massive) dish that my school serves the week before I leave! pshhh...they better be here next year!

This Mother Load consisted of......

  • A layer of Black beans

  • A layer of Brown Rice (CHEA!)

  • A layer of Steamed Veggies

  • A layer of chopped Roamine

  • A layer of tomatoes

  • A layer of chopped red & green peppers

*Notice how I said "Layer" everytime......it was a massive portion! MMMM!

Good to the last drop! ;) Plus, I did enough food wasting later on in the week (whoops!)....read on!

So Kristen and I were studying Food Science all of this time and next thing we knew it was 9PM and they had cracked open the free coffee stand downstairs (My School has free coffee, scantrons, blue books, etc @ the Student Union during the week of exams from 8pm-Midnight!). Well, we hopped right on over! And at 10:20, Kristen made the educated decision that we NEEDED TO LEAVE! lol


I honestly do not remember if this was consumed Wednesday night or Thursday morning....haha.....wow!? Food Science notes were involved......and my apple had a brown spot thanks to the lovely PECTIN METHYLESTERASE......oh yea.....I still remember it all! ;)

Breakfast?! That milk was sour as heck....so it went in the trash (Waste of food #1)
Late Lunch at Keva Juice......and a Pretzel for some much needed study fuel! :D

Pizza Pretzel~ Enough Said! (no waste of food here!)

You better bet this was a Kevaccino with Strawberries!

So they opened up all of the conference rooms and everything possible for avid studiers....We jumped all over that! And decided to use the board to plan out our week (PROCASTINATION?! whoops!)....And I attempted to draw a Keva Cup...Im an Addict...Hear me roar! haha

Then we attempted to study (and did!) and I needed some fuel!

Nothing does it like good ole' M&M's!
I had a HUGE and unpictured salad for dinner! It was lightly dressed, filling and..well, awesome! Roomie was in the room though and I was too hungry to wait for her to leave......
Then I had some cereal (with good milk this time!)....because I almost can't get through a day without some cereal within me!

And I had half of the carton of milk leftover, so I ran downstairs and got some MORE CEREAL! Wouldn't want to waste the milk! ;)

Woooooo Hoooooo!

I ate some juicy and delicious fruit on my walk to Poli Sci at 7AM this morning! What a great way to wake up! (The yummy fruit....not the POLS test!...which was okay?!...we shall see!)

After finishing my 118 Question POLS test in 45 minutes (lol), I went to Starbucks and got a VENTI COFFEE! I have been planning this all week! :D I was planning on a tall but for $.40 more, I could get a Venti! Hello! I got 1/3 Skim Milk, 2/3 Mild Coffee and put tons of this stuff in a shaker that is on their coffee bar labled "Vanilla".....ANYBODY KNOW WHAT THIS IS?! I shook a ton of that into my coffee along with a bit of splenda and went to find a good study nook!

Oh and I had a little Oatmeal To Go Bar....it was tiny (free sample from ALEXA) and contained partially hydrogenated oils, but once in a while won't kill ya!

The Usual Friday Sammie...Again.....Since it was Friday and All! haha I am going to miss these too!
Another salad....drenched in dressing! I can't wait until I get to put MY OWN dressing on my salads again! I foraged what I could (lol!) and managed to eat about half?!

And another fruit cup! I feel like Sharon (minus the pretty plating!)
Because of the "semi-dinner", I had my second (and last) Heart Thrive Cookie/Muffin/Thing. I microwaved it straight from the freezer and it got all warm and soft, but by the time I got to the center, it was hard.....oh well, it was worth it for the 2/3 that I could eat!
And then I remembered that I needed to use up the last of my PB&Co Cinnamon Rasin PB before heading home, so I scraped out the jar and enjoyed every bit!
And I just ate a baby bag of Kashi's and an apple!
And in case that wasn't enough....check out these awesome giveaways!
OH Yea ....
I am just not digging these South Beach Bars....they are good and all, but just not me! If you are interested in doing a bar trade, I have 2 left, but could throw in a few more of something else! Let Me Know!
nutritiousisdelicious (at) blogspot (dot) com
I can't begin to explain how much I have enjoyed this blogging and just chilling tonight! Tommorrow Alexa and I are headed to Starbucks to study! WHOOP! I can't wait to get my CHEM final over with and hit the road! I pick up my mom at the airport Monday!
Now I think I might go pack my first bag and bring it out to my car tommorrow morning! Exciting if I say so myself! :D


  1. You can get those nuts at BJ's!! Always in bulk!

  2. I loved all the free stuff my school would put out during finals! I don't get that anymore in grad school :( so enjoy it while you can!

  3. Wow, free coffee at night? That is so awesome, my school doesnt have anything like that!

  4. Yummy eats!I like your layered Rice bowl!

  5. Oh wow, I want sandwich! =D

  6. Sounds like a great day!! Free coffee? Yes please! That rice bowl looks/sounds so yummy! Glad finals have been going well for you, I'm sure you'll do great on your chem test, have a safe trip home!

  7. Finals are the perfect excuse to have a lot of treats in one day : )

  8. PBJ Trail mix sounds like is could be bad news bears in my house! Good luck with your last final :)

  9. Sounds like you're having a crazy/awesome/study-filled week girlie! Lotsa good eats in there, I'm drooling!

    GOOD LUCK on the rest of your finals, and keep up the tasty eats!!


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