My Way and the Highway!

I got home safely and couldn't be more excited! It's summertime! WOOT! I do have one Summer School Class (History) from 9-12:30 starting May 11th, but it ends May29th!

Anyways, I woke up this morning and remembered that I had some YUMMY Cereal from MyWayCereal.com waiting for me in the pantry! YAY (Thank you Sami!)! I popped open my cool tube of cereal and covered about 1 cup of it with Milk. The result? Totally Delicious...and Nutritious! ;-) Not to mention that http://www.mywaycereal.com/ is so much fun to play around on. You get to start out by picking whichever base suits your fancy and then dress up your 100% Organic Mix with nuts, seeds, fruit, chocolate, gummy bears?!...Whatever you Want! It's YOUR WAY!! I love it!

So hopefully, you are pumped and ready to jump on http://www.mywaycereal.com/ and make your own organic cereal mix! If so, then make sure you enter "NUTRITIOUSISDELICIOUS" in the coupon code at checkout for a 10% discount! :D yay!

After a yummy breakfast, I got ready and started to unpack a bit and then had about the only thing that I found appealing......a pizza that was in our freezer from Target! It was really good and I paired it with a small glass of Simply Apple Juice. My brother loves this stuff, so we almost always have it in the house.

Cooking in the brand new oven! :D

After lunch, my mom and I went to get our nails done. I got my toes done with a bright pink color and it was so nice to just relax after so much studying! We then headed to Target and I invaded the produce section. All that we had in our vegetable drawer at home was some old lettuce and an onion! Oh my family! tisk tisk! haha And I grabbed a small coke ICEE. I used to love these things, but I have not had one in a long time. I actually got a refill (because we were there so long), but about half way through the second one, my stomach started cramping up and hurting SOO bad. I have the wierdest digestive system! Needless to say, our shopping trip ended shortly after (and it was probably about time!...I could LIVE in Target! haha)

I am about to cook some dinner and I will insert a pic [HERE]. It will involve some of that lovely produce I picked up for SURE!
Now for a quick picture recap of the 9+ hour drive home...........
A beautiful field of purple flowers randomly on the side of the road
One of the MANY snackages! ;)
Yummmy Cereal...and a Vast array of CDs (Mostly thanks to Lex!)
A new drink...it was pretty good!
More of the lovely scenery that takes up the majority of the drive...you would think I live on a farm...Nope! I do drive by QUITE a few though!
Oh man.......it would NOT be the same without a QT Frozen Coffee Drink!
"Don't fear the future, I am already there" -God
Momma pumpin' gas! That's the good thing about having your mom as the passenger! lol
What a SHAME! :/
And Look who greeted me when I walked in the door! :D :D :D :D

So glad to be back! I bought a new appliance at Target today and can't wait to put it to good use tommorrow! I also bought some new products that will be featured soon!

Enjoy your night! I will be attempting to unpack............YIKES!


  1. Congrats on being done! Your doggie is such a cutie.

  2. aww yay. home sweet home. that's some serious land acreage you drove by. no farms where i live, but when i was in maine, there were tons of red barns and cows everywhere. cute dog btw!

  3. Home sweet home! Can't wait to see what you whip up in the kitchie.

  4. Puppies puppies puppies! I'm so glad you're home, finally! Wow that has to be the shortest summer school class in the history of the world! It'll fly by and then you'll have the rest of the summer free, to experiment with your new ovens! Wooo! That cereal sounds really good, lol even gummy bears are an option?? Glad you made it home safely, it's wonderful to have company of your mama on a long drive, and not JUST for the free gas (thought it doesn't hurt haha!)

    Welcome home!


    Your pup is ADORABLE! Awww! I hope you're enjoying your time at home so far, and all those good eats. Fruits & veggies are a must!


  6. Glad you made it home!! Ahh scary fire! I'm pretty jealous your Target has produce - none of mine do!

  7. welcome home!!!!!!! :D what are your summer plans?

    I don't think I'll ever be able to go to Target without thinking of you, lol. Marscapone on pizza is awesome :)

    have a great day!


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