Struck Gold

The lovely Emily asked what kind of Blender I bought, so I thought I would share it with all of you! I have not tried blending something without liquid (like nuts), but I will eventually get around to that! Otherwise, it is perfect! Blends with no chunks in 10 Seconds flat (for the single serve size). I am loving it!

This morning's concoction was 1/2 packet NSA Carnation Instant Breakfast, a Banana, a cup of crushed ice, and 1/2-1 cup milk. YUM!

Yesterday's Eats:

After my smoothie yesterday, I made a brunch of 2 Kashi Heart to Heart Waffles topped with some jam and one of my sample packets of Barney Butter. This was my first time trying Barney Butter and it was really tasty! Not sure if there was much of a difference from Peanut Butter, but it was still delish!

A few Blue Corn Chips with a slice of Mild Cheddar.... broiled until the cheese melted! :D
A Sweet Potato topped with Amy's Mild Chili and some kale! Along side I had waaay too many Triscuits!! whooops! lol
Then I hit the GOLD MINE! I found a little gem at Target yesterday and started jumping up and down! haha I am quite an interesting person to go grocery shopping with! If you don't push me, I might never leave!
Anyways, It may just be me (because there is not anything on the carton that says "New"), but I have never seen these before. They only have 160 calories and feel like soemething you could pick up at your local FroYo Shop....but these are only $.99! YUM YUM! Good thing I have 2 more flavors to try! I will be back to get more soon!

The topping added a fabulous burst of texture and sweetness and the froyo was a baby pink color and tasted like strawberry ice cream mixed with whipped cream! OH YUM!
Then I finished off my Kashi Honey Sunshine with Some Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea (Thanks to my Cousin! :D )
I also had a handfull of Hershey's Kissables and a single serve No Pudge Brownie!
Too many snacks! But so much fun playing games! I love being home! Time to get ready and go apply for some jobs! I start summer school on Monday! eek! Oh well! It will be nice to get back into a routine.


  1. can it blend things like a food processor? ie spinach? nuts? etc. thats a great deal, and the travel size part is so cool. oh target, how i love thee...

  2. So glad you got home safely and are enjoying the fun times with your family! :)

    I love Target too...oh the things you find there!! :)

  3. Delicious eats!!!! I am so jealous of that frozen parfait thing. i need to find those!

  4. you just reminded me of my frozen parfaits things in my mom's freezer! I wonder if they are even still there a year later, lol. Glad you are having fun at home :)

  5. Those mini parfaits look awesome :)

  6. SO happy that it's fro-yo/ice cream weather!

  7. Yummy sweet potato and chili. I love both and will have to try that meal one day.

  8. Holy cow that froyo thannggg looks amazing! I've also never seen them before!

    I got my samples of Barney Butter and went through them in like...24 hours haha! But I think they taste WAY different than peanut butter for some reason! And just a heads up, if you eat Almond Butter, then right after that eat peanut butter, the peanut butter tastes like burnt toast...haha seriously! Long story short - I had half of my oats covered in Barney, and the other half in reagular PB and lemme tell you - give your tastebuds a rest after going for the PB. Haha!

    Anyways, I hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend!

    Love always,

  9. Awesome blender!

    And I love the "nachos" ... YUM!


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