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Review of nutritious and delicious eats!
Omelet over a thick slice of toasted whole wheat bread, topped with salsa. The omelet had a bunch of shredded cabbage, carrots, onions and cheddar cheese! A++++ in my book! An EGGcelent cross-section! (sorry, I had to!)
My produce haul (plus the sweet potato, strawberries, apples, butternut squash, etc that I already had!)
What Do I Do with the BABY BOK CHOY?! It was about $1, so I bought it! haha


Inspired by The Hungry Yogini, I created little cucumber wraps consisting of....
  • Thinly Sliced English Cucumber (it was towards the end and the strips were not quite as long as they should have been, but still worked ok).
  • Thinly Sliced Carrots
  • Avocado
  • Laughing Cow
I made 3 of the roll ups and garnished them with chopped cuc, carrots and the remaining LC! Along side, I had 2 HUGE Strawberries (perfect sweetness!) and one peach! Refreshing! :D
This was an incredibly enjoyable eating experience! I then tried PB Applesauce (as suggested by a reader on a former post). Good, but I could not taste the PB quite like I could in my BELOVED PB YOGURT! It still made for a creamy treat though!Brown can be deceiving! ;) Inside of this breakfast cookie is....
  • 1/3 sweet potato
  • 4 chopped strawberries
  • 1 small banana mashed
  • 1 T PB
  • 1/3c Oats
  • Cinnamon
  • walnuts

When I got up this morning, I transfered my sneaky creation from the fridge to the freezer. One hour later, I was enjoying a BRILLIANT breakfast! Has anyone else tried freezing their breakfast cookies for like one hour in the morning?! The strawberries got a nice crunch and it tasted like "healthy cookie dough" straight from the fridge! YUM!


Flat Out Pizza! The toppings included 2% shredded cheddar, black beans, turnips (I love them, who knew?!) and calabaza squash.

Baked at....dang, I can't remember and it was like perfect. I think it was about 425F for about 15 minutes....?! DARN!

Flash?! No Flash?! (Do you ever take more than one picture of something and they look almost the same and you can not for the life of you decide which one to use?! A fellow blogger...please back me on this! haha)

A new Clif Zbar Flavor (for me!)....Apple Cinnamon!I liked it, but it was a bit too gummy for me! I don't know what, but something about it made it not taste like a Zbar.....if that made sense. I looked through every single one of those Everyday Food magazines and ripped out pages with recipes/photos to
inspire me!
The food: Whole Grain Tortilla Chips and Fat Free Refried Black Beans! They are SOO much richer than regular refired beans! Try it!! Roasted Vegetable Salad......Romaine, Roasted Veggies (butternut squash, onion, squash and carrots....roasted at 450) and avocado. The butternut squash and abundance of roasted onion added a delightfully natural sweetness!
No Dressing Required.Are you getting tired of these babies?! I'm sure not! APPLE GRAHAM CRACKER HOLEY DONUT! While I can't compare this to any donut I have ever had, it was a delightful apple infused dessert that will lure in all of you apple lovers (including myself)....hook, line and sinker! It is like your own personal cake....for about 200 calories! Need I say more?!Alrighty guys!... I am getting annoyed with these mish mash of posts and I am trying to make more time to enjoy the art of blogging (yes, it's an art! haha). I work tommorrow from noon to 5! After that, I will be back.....WITH A BANG! Stay tuned...if you catch my drift! ;)


  1. OMG I thought I was the only one to take thousands of photos and then try to pick the best one. I can spend ages deciding and editing them.
    I love the cucumber wraps, I'll have to try that myself.

  2. I can't believe you put pb in your applesauce!! Whenever I think I won't be more surprised by different food combos, I AM more surprised! I mean, I guess I put pb on my apples, so it makes sense! As for the bok choy, I purchased a share of produce from a nearby farmer who sold at the local farmer's market last year and we got bok choy every week...I was so annoyed because I couldn't figure out what to do with it! I stir fried it a lot, which was tasty, but I never figured out anything better. Wehn you get some good suggestions, post them! :)

  3. PB apple sauce? I've never seen that! Now I think I should try it though :)

  4. those wraps looks AWESOME! I was trying to think of alternatives for my hummus (short of just digging in with a spoon, ha!) and wondered about veggies to wrap...was thinking eggplant but cucumber sounds awesome. Breakfast cookie sound amazing!

    Have a great weekend Emily!

  5. Yay for produce! Those cucumber wraps look delicious! Sweet potato in a breakfast cookie? I bet that was yummy :D

    Oh I totally do that with the pictures all the time. I put them up on my screen and keep flipping back between them. I feel like an eye doctor giving a vision test: "now which looks better? one.... or two.... number one.... or number two? lets see them again. one... or two?" haha

    That pizza looks delicious, and yummmmm so does that donut! I'm still jealous!

  6. Choosing which pictures to post is was takes most of my time when I'm typing an entry! I always go back and forth and back and forth!

    Niiiiice omelete!!

  7. every picture of food I want to eat! haha sweet potato in the breakfast cookie.. sneaky! haha did you the sweet potato up before you mixed it in??


  8. I LOVE refried black beans! So tasty!!


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